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Get to Know Me Better. Hi, I'm TINA! I am a financial planner, blogger, and freelance writer and digital marketing consultant. The idea of starting a finance blog has been hitting me for long; I took it seriously after falling into a spiral of finance debacles and recovering from it. Here I write about personal finance and money management tips.

Some Important Tips for Budget Travelers

Tips for Budget Travelers

Budget travel has become quite popular these days. This type of travel lets people enjoy their trip while staying within the budget limit. When you are on a vacation, unexpected expenses are bound to occur. To enjoy your budget travel ...

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Save Money on Consumables & Transportation in a Big City

money saving tips in a big city

Have you recently moved to a metro city from a small town or a rural area? I know you were overjoyed during the time of shifting in hope that you would be able to enjoy the fast-paced life. However, with ...

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3 Online Shopping Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Online Shopping Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Online shopping is instantly gratifying for those who don’t want to sacrifice comfort of their home in order to buy something. There is no doubt that it entertains even those who love to buy and bargain at brick and mortar ...

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4 Benefits of Shifting to a Smaller Home


I have recently shifted to a small home for some obvious reasons and after a couple of years, I’m glad to say I took the right decision. Yes, I had to do a lot of adjustment as I had always ...

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It’s all about Calling It a Day with Confidence – Retirement Planning


When it comes to planning for future, you will find a very few people taking the matter seriously. If you hope to witness a different picture for retirement plan, you will come in for surprising frustration. Several studies have been ...

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Five Major Tips of How Could You Handle Business Expenses

money management

Every business big or small should be able to manage their expenses at a great ease. Keeping a precise records of your business cash flow would help you understand how your business has been doing, when would it expand and ...

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How to Save Expenses on Carpet Cleaning?

How to Save Expenses on Carpet Cleaning

Last Christmas, my life became a complete hell! I threw a party that was attended by a little more than hundred guests. Preparation started two days ago. Everyone enjoyed the party and being drunk and tired, we managed to get ...

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Want to Start Working for Yourself? Give It a Second Thought before Quitting Your Job

before Quitting Your Job

I am a finance blogger. I wanted to be a graphic designer but somehow switched to a new career that I loved immediately and still stick to. The transition from a 9-hour work (though I used to stay in office ...

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Bottom-Dollar Effect – How You Can Spend Money More Reasonably

Bottom-Dollar Effect

Even couples of years ago, I was regular at a shopping mall with a pack of my friends. I used to be driven by habit of impulsive buying. Fortunately, I was quick to discover that satisfaction gained from spending on ...

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3 Beauty Tips to Save Expenses on Your Budget

Money Saving Beauty Tips

Women always want to stay beautiful – it is a well-known fact. But the less touted fact is that same applies to men. No doubt, there are several natural remedies to take care of skin and hair and retain their ...

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