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Get to Know Me Better. Hi, I'm TINA! I am a financial planner, blogger, and freelance writer and digital marketing consultant. The idea of starting a finance blog has been hitting me for long; I took it seriously after falling into a spiral of finance debacles and recovering from it. Here I write about personal finance and money management tips.

Why an Online Loan May Be For You

small business loans

Most of us are resigned to our fates as borrowers. Whether we want to go to school, start a business, or buy a house, we end up relying on financial assistance to help achieve our goals. Even if those goals ...

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8 Ways to Save Money on Your Car Insurance


There’s a variety of ways to save money on your car insurance from a vehicle tracking system to putting less people on your policy and much more. Car insurance is a legal requirement and every driver needs insurance, but it ...

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How to Get your Mortgage Provider to Permit You to Sub-Let Rooms

Tips to Apply for a Mortgage

Sub-letting a spare room in your home could be reliable way to help with your mortgage arrears. However, it may affect the tax you pay or any benefits you are entitled to. How do you go about it? If you ...

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How to Add Value to Your Home

Add Value to Your Home

For those looking to sell their home, one of the key things every home seller looks for is, how to add value to their property. It’s only natural, you want the best price for your home and you want potential ...

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What Are Your Options if You Have a Tax Liability?

Tax Tips for You

For many, tax season is a time of big spending as refunds come rolling in. If you owe money to the IRS, though, there will be no big spending. What if you have a tax liability that you can’t pay? ...

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UK Salary Insights – The True Picture of UK Salaries

UK Salary Insights

We hear opinions all the time on UK salaries – what the minimum and living, wages should be, who should be taxed and by how much. But what is the true picture of UK salaries? DCS Multiserve, specialists in factory ...

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How to Save Money in NY and NJ

How to Save Money

Owning a car is a necessity for many in NY and NJ. The public transportation systems, while offering adequate routes, can prove to be a problem. You have to wait in chilly weather to use them. Other times, the subways ...

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5 Things Your Office Needs to Prepare for the Future

small business accounting

Your office is comprised of teams of different individuals working together towards a common goal. In order for that system to function at maximum, each person must be dedicated to performing their assigned tasks as efficiently as possible. In addition ...

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5 Last-Minute Tax Tips for You

Tax Tips for You

There are countless reasons why many Americans wait to the last minute to file their taxes. In fact, statistics show that the number of late filers is growing, which is okay as long as you do not over look anything. ...

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Direct Lenders – Simplifying Your Borrowing Experience

US dollars

Time and tide wait for no man. While you don’t have to worry about the ocean’s ebb and flow when it comes to your finances, you have to take into account the ticking of the clock. Bills have hard due ...

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