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4 Tips for Successful Blogging on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media network that connects professionals across various industries. Like Facebook, users are given a personal profile to highlight their professional accomplishments and experience. Unlike Facebook, however, LinkedIn also has additional features allowing for long form content that attracts attention to individuals or businesses. Content published on LinkedIn is initially shared with the publisher’s network. This content has the ability to spread much further with likes, comments, ...

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What the US Taxpayers Need to Know about 2016 Tax Law Changes

The federal tax return should be in accordance with the law. The problem is laws are subject to change. The taxpayers need to keep updating themselves and stay posted about changes in the existing laws. Or else, their tax return filing may not be according to pertinent legal clauses. This year’s filing date 2016 is the year of changes. The first change is the deadline date. The deadline for tax ...

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Everything That You Should Know about the 2016 IRS Tax Return Filing


The IRS has opened the tax filing for 2016. The process began from January 19 of this year. The next tax filing timeline is between April, 4 and April 18, 2016. The estimated date for direct deposit sent to the bank accounts of those, who file their return between the two said dates is April 16, 2016. For paper check mailed to them, the estimated date is April 18th of ...

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How to Find The Best Debt Management Companies

Debt Management Companies

Debt is one of the biggest crises that people face in this modern time and age. But one can avoid the unpleasant situation of debt problems by availing the help and service of a debt management company. Though you can find innumerable options when it comes to the debt management companies but eventually it is all about finding the right one. The fact is debt management can ease off your ...

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Quitters Will Always Win: Save More By Breaking The Smoking Habit

smoking habit

These are just three of the alarming facts about cigarette smoking that we are used to hearing. We see disturbing images of its effects on print and TV advertisements, on the internet, and even on the actual cigarette packs. Health organizations execute campaigns to raise awareness. Taxes are also imposed by the government to help eliminate cigarette purchases. These creative public strategies have helped reduce the number of smokers through ...

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Various Aspects of Prepaid Debit Cards, which You Should Know

Debit Cards

We all use credit and debit cards. We use them to purchase stuff for overseas and domestic retailers. They are a substitute for hard cash, when you are out there to enjoy shopping, or when an uncalled for incident arises and you don’t have a dime in your wallet. Having a debit card in your wallet translates to buying stuff with ease. Just as there are debit cards, issued by ...

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Three Commonly Overlooked Tax Credits & How to Claim Them


It’s officially that time of year again: tax season! April 15th is the deadline for filing your taxes to find out if you own Uncle Sam money. With any luck, he may owe you some, and we’re trying to tip the scales in your favor by sharing three tax credits that are most often overlooked. Saver’s Tax Credit What is it? This is a tax credit that is aimed at ...

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How to Treat Debt the ‘Right’ Way in Life


We’ve grown up in this society where we’re told a few things such as, “all debt is bad!”, “debt is your ball and chain” and “rent money is dead money”. Is life ever really that simple, though? In the case of debt, definitely not. Before we even go into this conversation, we must think about what the term “debt” means to us. Debt is where someone receives a loan of ...

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A quick guide to Structured Products, Counterparties and Risk


Like any investment you’ll make, Structured Products carry a certain amount of risk. This is dependent upon the type of plan you choose to invest in, so it’s important to know where your money’s going and how it’ll be invested before going ahead. There are a number of risks inherent to Structured Product investments, such as that posed by the counterparties, but the first distinction to make in Structured Product ...

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6 Personal Finance Blogs to Help You in Your Financial Endeavors

Personal Finance Blogs

Whether you are a small business owner, looking for new opportunities so your business flourishes, or you are concerned that your financial condition is deteriorating, finance blogs help you bottle up your worries. The internet is a vast territory. Since you are not familiar with all its nooks and corners, you may not find a decent financial blog, which is of some value. To help you out, I’ll list down ...

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