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Keep Your Small Business Financially Healthy

Financially Healthy Small Business

What are you doing as a small business owner to keep your company chugging along financially? For some individuals heading up small businesses, they rely on not only a savvy financial background to assist them, but also some commonsense. As ...

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Hiring Your First Employees? Here’s What They Should Be Doing

Hiring Your First Employees

When you start your first business, you end up wearing multiple hats out of necessity. Lacking the financial resources to hire help, you are forced to embrace this reality, but after attaining a certain level of success, not only will ...

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7 Effective Tips on How To Make a Success of Your Business

How To Make a Success of Your Business

Starting a business is easy, but making a success of it is not. In the United States, small businesses make up more than 99% of all businesses. Failure rate is high among them, which necessitates the need to follow the ...

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How to Create a Winning Startup Funding Strategy

Winning Startup Funding Strategy

There are right ways and wrong ways to go about developing a strategy to attract the right investors into your startup enterprise. And there are definitely more than a few that should top your list. Follow these 7 tips and ...

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Critical Questions to Ask a Payments Processor

Questions to Ask a Payments Processor

You might think that running a business is a fairly straightforward affair. You offer goods or services, get paid for them, and either turn a profit or don’t, in other words. The reality is, of course, much more complicated than ...

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3 Things about Entrepreneurship Business School Never Taught You

Things about Entrepreneurship

To be an entrepreneur is a liberating and wonderful thing. Your excitement to deliver a fantastic product or service to market offers you the ability to fulfill your dreams and share your vision with the world. Starting a new business, ...

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How Do I Get an EIN Application?

How do I get an EIN application

If you are running your own business, chances are good that you have already realized that sometimes there is just too much to take care of in a timely manner. Sometimes thing slip our minds, in other words, and we ...

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Exhibition Trends for 2017

Exhibition trends for 2017

2017 is set to see the world of exhibitions take an even greater leap into embracing digital engagement with stand designs becoming more sustainable. Read more about these top three trends for 2017: Gamification Using short games at exhibitions is ...

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Birchbox is a Fast Growing Beauty Brand, Based on an Innovative Idea


Makeup is easy when you have Birchbox. Birchbox is an online monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers a box every month containing makeup samples. It’s an innovative e-commerce idea that locks customer’s preference inside a box. The beginning Birchbox ...

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Where is Your Business without the Brand?

Business Branding

The importance of branding to a business cannot be overemphasized. Branding summarizes in a holistic manner what the business is about. A well established brand for an organization gives it a major edge in its competitive market industry. What your ...

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