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How to Choose the Best Bank for Your Business Account

Best Bank for Your Business

Whether you are starting out on a new venture, or looking for better service, ensuring you have the best business bank account to suit your financial needs is essential. Unlike personal banking, business accounts vary a surprising amount in the services they offer, the level of assistance they can give, and in their fees and charges. Different accounts work for different businesses. For this reason, it’s really important to invest ...

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Starting a Massage Business? Here Are Your First Expenditures

massage business

Starting a new business is one of the scariest and exciting things you will ever do. There are far more unknowns than certainties and far more questions than answers. One of the more manageable questions has to do with expenditures. You have managed to get a business loan and you have written a good business plan. But it can still be difficult to know what to purchase first. For this ...

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How Collaborative Spaces in the Workplace Can Improve Productivity

Collaborative Spaces

Collaboration is one of the most discussed business conceptsin the modern day. Nearly all leading businesses today endorse the value of high-performance teams doing collaborative work. Recent research confirmed that space plays an integral role in successful collaboration. Open plan offices that have moveable furniture, seating alternatives and spaces dedicated for thinking shows measurable improvement in key cultural satisfaction dimensions in the office: Learning & development Idea generation Putting ideas ...

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Germs In The Office – How Could A Cleaner Save You Money?

save in office cleaning

Although it’s something that we don’t like to think about – the workplace is covered in germs. Did you know that the average work desk can be up to 100 times less hygienic than your kitchen table, and 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat? Probably not. When you’re working in close proximity with other colleagues, it’s no wonder that germs and illnesses can spread so quickly, leading to ...

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Using Social Media Is the Best Way to Pick Up New Business

Using Social Media for your business

In the old days, your advertising options were limited. You had the mediums of radio, TV, and newspapers to choose from. Advertising was frequently a very complex, messy, and costly business. You never knew how effective your ads would be because you never knew how many people would be watching TV or listening to the radio that particular day. You never knew how many people would be reading the current ...

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Planning Your Perfect Wedding: Online Vs Offline!

Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Planning the perfect wedding has always been a physical process, from purchasing the wedding dress to the groom’s suit – however all of this can now be done in the online world. With new technologies and social media apps, is it time for the wedding industry to make a transition into the digital world? 87% of British consumers admitted to buying at least one item online in the past year ...

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5 Businesses That Require Less Than $10,000 to Launch


A tremendous number of people have what might best be described as an entrepreneurial spirit. Indeed, most individuals probably have some degree of entrepreneurism in their souls and dream of owning their own businesses from time-to-time. Many people never take any real steps towards realizing their dream of going into business for themselves because they have a number of preconceptions about what is involved in launching a startup enterprise. They ...

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Is Cash Flow an Issue for Your Small Business? Perhaps It’s Time to Consider Invoice Factoring


For many small businesses, one of the trickiest things to juggle, and one of the biggest risk factors of closure, is cashflow. With ups and downs in the market, unexpected costs, and other variables having an impact, it can often be difficult to stay on top of finances. Cashflow problems can also cause many entrepreneurs to shelve their plans for expansion, or miss out on potential sales during a busy ...

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Is London Still the Land of Opportunity for Business?

Opportunity for Business

London is known to be one of the most expensive places to live in the UK, as well as the rest of the world. With soaring property prices and major financial companies dominating the city, it now has a reputation as being one of the major financial hubs of the world, with very few signs of slowing. Whilst some entrepreneurs are put off by the lofty prices, there are actually ...

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Why Having a Strategy for Managing Cashflow Could Save Your Small Business

Managing Cashflow

Cashflow can be one of the most challenging things in certain lines of business. If you often find yourself having to pay out for things like staff wages, materials, and overheads while waiting for customer invoices to be paid, you will know how much of a strain it can be. In the worst cases, it can leave you having to take money out of your own savings to cover business ...

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