How to Add Value to Your Home

For those looking to sell their home, one of the key things every home seller looks for is, how to add value to their property. It’s only natural, you want the best price for your home and you want potential buyers to see it.

Add Value to Your Home

So, where is the best place to add value to your home, here is our guide to help!

Improve curb appeal

From driveway pavers to walkways, stones retaining walls, or slate steps they provide eye-catching attributes of a home that is ready to sell. A simple landscaping can take a weekend and this could improve your overall home look.

Kitchen Re-Modelling

If there is one area that has the WOW factor, it is the kitchen. If this looks out of sorts, then you need to improve and do it quick. One of the best investments is often stainless steel appliances and countertops.

Your bathroom

If there is one underutilized area that gets great ROI, it’s the bathroom. From new white good to a coat of paint, you can make one of your smallest rooms the best in terms of ROI. You should get 85% return on a good bathroom remodel, something you can’t afford to miss out on.

Get a new roof

Insurers won’t insure a home without a good one, your curb appeal is effected if your slates are falling off and a bad roof can make a potential buyer’s undervalue your house because they think that your home is in a state of disrepair.

 Add a deck

A big change is how people socialise at home. Outside decking has made it possible to be an all year event, especially in warmer climates. You can add up to $11,000 on your home property with good decking at the back of your home.

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