Money Saving Tips

How to Save Money in NY and NJ

How to Save Money

Owning a car is a necessity for many in NY and NJ. The public transportation systems, while offering adequate routes, can prove to be a problem. You have to wait in chilly weather to use them. Other times, the subways ...

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Financial Facelift: A 30-Day Plan to Transform Your Spending Habits

Plan to Transform Your Spending Habits

The ultimate aim if you want to transform your spending habits is to find a way of living below your means. I know it’s easier said than done. The best way to do this revolves around the need to cut ...

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11 Easy Ways You Can Save More Money This Year

US dollars

A lot of us like to think that we’ll need to earn more money before we can save more. But that’s simply not true.  There are literally thousands of tricks we can all start using to spend less and keep ...

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Renovating Your House in a Budget

House Renovation in a Budget

Whether you have been living in the same home for a long time, or you have just recently moved in, there are few things that would need an upgrade or repair as time passes. It could also be that you ...

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6 Ways to Save Money During the Holidays


The holidays are a notoriously expensive time of year. Many people will be facing a credit card hangover in January, but you can avoid sharing in those regrets if you take charge of your spending now. Figure out your overall ...

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Top 5 Vehicles with Extra Trunk Space for Your Money

Top 5 Vehicles with Extra Trunk Space for Your Money

Need a car with a lot of cargo space? Maybe you have to store golf clubs on a regular basis? Perhaps you have to transport the athletic gear for the high school soccer team? Or maybe your car is the ...

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A Guide to Saving Money on Your Monthly Expenses

A Guide to Save Money on Monthly Expenses

Saving money from regular expenses is one of the toughest job in today’s world. Sometimes the hardest thing is to figure out the simplest way to spend money and save it, as well. As the rising economic condition in America ...

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4 Smart Moves to Make When Planning a Vacation on a Budget

Planning a Vacation on a Budget

Americans are taking less vacations now more than ever before, so when we finally have the time and money for one, we have to make it count. It’s kind of ironic considering that the time we set aside to relax ...

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Top Money Saving Tips for Young Professionals


Even for the most experienced of us, financial management can be a tedious and daunting task. It is, however, even more challenging for the younger generation. It is easy for recent graduates who only now started their first job to ...

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Don’t Be Seduced By Pseudo-Sales and Special Promotions While Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping

In case you hadn’t noticed, it seems that every month, a stack of ads appear in your post and email inbox on the same day you get paid or your pension check arrives. This is, of course, intentional, as merchants ...

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