Budget Travel

4 Smart Moves to Make When Planning a Vacation on a Budget

Vacation on a Budget

Americans are taking less vacations now more than ever before, so when we finally have the time and money for one, we have to make it count. It’s kind of ironic considering that the time we set aside to relax becomes a hassle in and of itself. Still, that pressure exists. There’s no denying it. Often, this feeling that our vacations must be some epic event full of exotic locales ...

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Top Three Budget Travel Locations for US Travelers

Save Money on Your Travel Trip

Ask ten people what their hobby is and six would reply it’s travel. Everyone loves to travel. Even the homesick ones will begin tying shoelaces if they get a chance to visit their favorite places. The only glitch is the expense that comes with visiting international destinations. As the economy is tough, nobody wants to spend lavishly. Domestic saving is being given utmost importance these days and people are keeping ...

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