Personal Finance

A Guide to Financial Elements of Making a Claim

Save Money

Today, life is lived at such a fast pace. Because of this, accidents can and do happen. However, if you have been the victim of an accident that was not your fault, you do not need to simply accept what has happened. While you cannot reverse the clock, it is important to launch a claim for compensation to help you deal with the injuries and the expenses that arise because ...

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Surviving Financially When You’re Out of Work

Manage Your Personal Finances

None of us are immune from being fired, dismissed laid off or otherwise unable to work, no matter how much we might like to think that was the case. Through no fault of our own, any one of us could end up unemployed, and that’s why we need to plan ahead and ensure that we can survive financially when we can’t work, especially if we happen to be the main ...

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Conquer The Biggest Financial Setbacks

financial decision

It is easy to crawl into a ball and just let fate take its course when it comes to financial setbacks, and boy does like seem to give us a lot of financial setbacks. Just when you think everything is going good, a broken car, broken boiler, and a school trip all seem to hit you at once. It’s as if a higher power is waiting for a bit of ...

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Saving Money On Your College Dreams

Manage Your Money While Studying

College is something the majority of school leavers in the United States aspire to, with over half of all graduates going on to study in higher education. Indeed, over 20 million people each year in the country alone apply to a university, and from that simple number alone we can see it’s an ever present and popular option in people’s attempts to do what they love in life. And yet, ...

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Smart Ways To Make Money on the Side

Ways To Make Money on the Side

Whether you want to start a side hustle that could become a business for you, or simply want to earn enough to pay for a vacation or clear some debt, then knowing some of the smart ways to make money on the side of what you are already doing is a good idea. Instead of working overtime in your current role, you can set the hours, and hopefully, enjoy doing ...

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The Intelligent Way to Make More Money

Way to Make More Money

In a world where we are often conditioned to trade our time for money, as an employee or small business owner – there’s an intrinsic limitation on how much one can make as there’s only so many hours in a day plus there’s a clear ceiling to the amount you can charge for each unit of time. Essentially, the only way to make a serious amount of money is to ...

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Easy and Fun Ways for Geeks To Make Money

Ways For Geeks To Make Money

Attention all geeks… You might not know this, you might not even believe it, but people want to be you!  For decades we’ve been relegated to the sidelines of society. We’ve been marginalized and downtrodden. We’ve been regarded as outsiders peering forlornly through the window into mainstream culture; forever on the outside looking in. Most of our lives, we’ve been the opposite side of the spectrum to cool. We’ve become ...

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How to Protect Your Finances in Retirement


It doesn’t matter if you are still planning for retirement or if you haven’t needed to work for 10-years or more, the fact is that you need to protect your finances.  Ok, this is failure obvious to most people but as we live longer, more active lives the question often becomes how. Now for those who haven’t yet retired, the growing consensus among financial planners is that they will need ...

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Raise Your Shield Against Financial Disaster

When it comes to expenses, you need to be prepared for every eventuality possible. Financial disasters are often something that you see in the news, and yet you may not have prepared at all for any financial disasters that you could face personally. Worrying about the unexpected is rather pointless, as you can’t predict when things are going to go wrong. What you can do, however, is put up a ...

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Are You Putting Your Money In The Right Places?

Earn More Money

For a lot of people, there is nothing that worries them more than the thought that they’re wasting their money. The idea that they’re putting their money somewhere insecure is the kind of thing that keeps many people up at night. Of course, that raises the question, what should you do with your money. Well, one of the best things that many people have found is to invest their money ...

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