Personal Finance

Learning to Manage Your Personal Finances the Right Way

Manage Your Personal Finances

Uncertain economic conditions or situations can really test out your important decisions of wise personal financial planning.Each year, more than a million people declare bankruptcy due to unwise financial decisions by taking too many loans without any resources to pay ...

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Three Top Tips for the Self-Employed

Three Top Tips for the Self-Employed

Some people just aren’t suited to standard employment. Although they may spend years working in an office, a factory, or a warehouse, sometimes their dreams are bigger. They want increased freedom, a life spent at the helm, the ability to ...

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How To Manage Your Money While Studying

student money management

As one enters college life or is enrolled in a post-graduate degree, managing one’s finances is one of the core responsibilities which need to be looked after. You need to pre-plan for the changes and the twists and turns that ...

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Money after Marriage: Should You Have Joint Or Separate Accounts?

money after marriage

If you plan on getting married someday or are engaged to be married, you will have a talk with your future spouse about merging or combining finances at some point. If you’re already married, hopefully you’ve already had some discussions ...

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Trade Your Money Problems for a Money Plan

Money Plan

Do you have money problems? If you are like many people, I am sure you do. Statistics tell us that around 70% of people are living paycheck to paycheck. I also know that this is quite possible because I used ...

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As Parents We Need to Teach Kids the Value of Money

teach kids the value of money

How to teach kids the value of money? This question strikes almost all parents. But very few end up getting answer to the question how to teach kids the value of money. In this article I’ll discuss how to teach ...

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Financially Rich Never Meant Financially Free

Financially Free

Choices leave us confused, we complain! But for me, more choices feel like a blessing I do think it makes our job easier to choose the right kind according to our affordability. To put it in other words, it helps ...

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6 Personal Finance Blogs to Help You in Your Financial Endeavors

personal finance blog

Whether you are a small business owner, looking for new opportunities so your business flourishes, or you are concerned that your financial condition is deteriorating, finance blogs help you bottle up your worries. The internet is a vast territory. Since ...

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The Context of Financial Freedom and The Role of Money

Financial Freedom

2016 has finally arrived. We all made financial resolutions for this year. Making resolutions, and implementing them are necessary for financial freedom. People with burdensome debts promise themselves every year that they’ll pay off all the debts, and won’t incur ...

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3 Simple Tips to Save Expenses on Power Bills

Tips to Save Expenses on Power Bills

There are no reasons for us to think that the skyrocketing costs of essentials will take a nosedive in the near future. One thing is easy to predict: household expenses will continue to leapfrog with the passing of every month. ...

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