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Top 5 UK Finance Blogs for All Readers to Follow

Personal Finance Blogs

Not too long ago, the share market was a playground for experts. Finance pundits with erudite knowledge in trade and commerce used to flaunt their expertise on newspaper editorials, instructing people which shares to buy and which to sell. Thanks to the Internet, however, ordinary people nowadays have access to financial resources. They don’t find stock market jargons mysterious anymore. They now understand the meaning of each and every finance-related ...

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How to Save Thousand A Year without Having To Create Separate Savings Budget


I hear it around me every now and again, how hard it is to save money, or “I cannot afford to go,” when you invite someone out for appetizers and drink. I even hear about how hard someone is struggling financially and can’t save money towards any kind of investment or even a retirement plan. The ironic thing is these people, I am talking about are not all minimum wage ...

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Tips and Tricks for the First-Time Car Seller

First-Time Car Seller

Whether it feels like you’re saying goodbye to an old friend or finally unloading the perfectly-good, but not “you” car, the time has come to bid it adieu and put it on the market, and up for sale. It’s important that you get a deal you deserve and that you have an easy, trouble-free transaction. Before you do anything, it’s important to get a professional valuation of your car. And ...

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How to Avoid the Truck Finance Traps

Truck Finance

Like other large scale industries, the truck driving and transport industry depends on reliable equipment that gets the job done. For a trucking company or an owner-driver to succeed, they must invest in solid gear and a dependable vehicle that can safely and efficiently move loads. Those just getting started or seeking to upgrade their equipment must often turn to truck finance to fund this significant purchase. The investment is ...

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How Do I Become Rich?

Become Rich

Last month I was interviewed for a personal finance podcast. The interviewer asked me a question that really got me thinking about what is my long term goal. He asked me “what is financial freedom to you”. My site, is called multimillionaireroad as I started the blog to chronicle my thoughts and feelings on my path to riches.  However, I realise that the blog name can be a little misleading. It ...

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Learning to Manage Your Personal Finances the Right Way

Manage Your Personal Finances

Uncertain economic conditions or situations can really test out your important decisions of wise personal financial planning.Each year, more than a million people declare bankruptcy due to unwise financial decisions by taking too many loans without any resources to pay back with interest and losing money in fraudulent investments. All of these situations happen because of poor financial planning or having incomplete knowledge or information on how to manage your ...

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Three Top Tips for the Self-Employed

Self Employed

Some people just aren’t suited to standard employment. Although they may spend years working in an office, a factory, or a warehouse, sometimes their dreams are bigger. They want increased freedom, a life spent at the helm, the ability to pursue their own ideas without any constraints… If you’re self-employed, or considering taking the plunge, you can probably relate to these feelings. But the truth is that working for yourself ...

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How To Manage Your Money While Studying

Manage Your Money While Studying

As one enters college life or is enrolled in a post-graduate degree, managing one’s finances is one of the core responsibilities which need to be looked after. You need to pre-plan for the changes and the twists and turns that are going to take place in your life and be prepared for everything that life throws at you. Your decisions will be strengthened by a sound financial plan and you ...

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Money after Marriage: Should You Have Joint Or Separate Accounts?

If you plan on getting married someday or are engaged to be married, you will have a talk with your future spouse about merging or combining finances at some point. If you’re already married, hopefully you’ve already had some discussions about money. I’m going to share with you how my family handles finances and share with you some of the things we talk about to reduce conflict about money. There ...

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Trade Your Money Problems for a Money Plan

Do you have money problems? If you are like many people, I am sure you do. Statistics tell us that around 70% of people are living paycheck to paycheck. I also know that this is quite possible because I used to have money problems too. But the good news is that I did not stay there. I have even better news: you don’t have to keep your money problems. You ...

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