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As Parents We Need to Teach Kids the Value of Money

Teach Kids the Value of Money

How to teach kids the value of money? This question strikes almost all parents. But very few end up getting answer to the question how to teach kids the value of money. In this article I’ll discuss how to teach kids the value of money. The bad thing about kids is they don’t understand the value of money. Parents need to know how to teach kids the value of money. ...

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6 Personal Finance Blogs to Help You in Your Financial Endeavors

Personal Finance Blogs

Whether you are a small business owner, looking for new opportunities so your business flourishes, or you are concerned that your financial condition is deteriorating, finance blogs help you bottle up your worries. The internet is a vast territory. Since you are not familiar with all its nooks and corners, you may not find a decent financial blog, which is of some value. To help you out, I’ll list down ...

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The Context of Financial Freedom and The Role of Money

Financial Freedom

2016 has finally arrived. We all made financial resolutions for this year. Making resolutions, and implementing them are necessary for financial freedom. People with burdensome debts promise themselves every year that they’ll pay off all the debts, and won’t incur new debts. But the majority fails to implement this resolution. Hence, achieving financial freedom remains a dream for them. What is it? In this article, I’ll demystify financial freedom and ...

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3 Simple Tips to Save Expenses on Power Bills

Ways to Save Money on Your Monthly Expenses

There are no reasons for us to think that the skyrocketing costs of essentials will take a nosedive in the near future. One thing is easy to predict: household expenses will continue to leapfrog with the passing of every month. Consider the example of the job market. Do you see much opening for new graduates with no experience? No. Even experienced people are forced to compromise in salary just to ...

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Budgeting in Your 30s and 40s


Budgeting in your 30s and 40s is important. If you want to be able to live an enjoyable lifestyle while accomplishing financial goals like buying your dream home, saving for a comfortable retirement, or paying for education expenses, you need a budget. Budgeting doesn’t have to be hard. You simply need to know the three main parts of how to set up and stick to a budget. Know Where You ...

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4 Tips For You to Better Manage and Understand Money

Save Money

There’s an old saying;- “take care of the pennies, and pounds will take care of themselves.” It’s 2015, but the saying above still holds importance. You may be good at investing but suck at saving. You are not alone as there are many like you, who earn a lot but fails to save. In this article, I will help you with some quick tips to save money. No, you don’t ...

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4 Benefits of Shifting to a Smaller Home

Shifting to a Smaller Home

I have recently shifted to a small home for some obvious reasons and after a couple of years, I’m glad to say I took the right decision. Yes, I had to do a lot of adjustment as I had always lived in a spacious three-storied house. It took me a few months to adjust myself to a 1000 sq-ft flat that accommodates only two bedrooms, one open-kitchen cum dining room, ...

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It’s all about Calling It a Day with Confidence – Retirement Planning


When it comes to planning for future, you will find a very few people taking the matter seriously. If you hope to witness a different picture for retirement plan, you will come in for surprising frustration. Several studies have been conducted in this regard and suggest that most of the people hang up their coats and boots without being fully confident of their retirement. Studies reveal further that majority of ...

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Five Major Tips of How Could You Handle Business Expenses


Every business big or small should be able to manage their expenses at a great ease. Keeping a precise records of your business cash flow would help you understand how your business has been doing, when would it expand and how independent can it be. And while this is might not be necessary it is something that should not be ignored. Your business accounts and personal accounts are two different ...

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Financially Rich Never Meant Financially Free

Financial Freedom

Choices leave us confused, we complain! But for me, more choices feel like a blessing I do think it makes our job easier to choose the right kind according to our affordability. To put it in other words, it helps us spend less and save more. That is the point where you can feel more financial freedom. It is never to suggest that you can buy anything you want. The ...

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