5 Last-Minute Tax Tips for You

Tax Tips for You

There are countless reasons why many Americans wait to the last minute to file their taxes. In fact, statistics show that the number of late filers is growing, which is okay as long as you do not over look anything. ...

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What the US Taxpayers Need to Know about 2016 Tax Law Changes

2016 Tax Law Changes

The federal tax return should be in accordance with the law. The problem is laws are subject to change. The taxpayers need to keep updating themselves and stay posted about changes in the existing laws. Or else, their tax return ...

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Everything That You Should Know about the 2016 IRS Tax Return Filing

2016 IRS Tax Return Filing

The IRS has opened the tax filing for 2016. The process began from January 19 of this year. The next tax filing timeline is between April, 4 and April 18, 2016. The estimated date for direct deposit sent to the ...

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Three Commonly Overlooked Tax Credits & How to Claim Them

Tax Credit & How to Claim Them

It’s officially that time of year again: tax season! April 15th is the deadline for filing your taxes to find out if you own Uncle Sam money. With any luck, he may owe you some, and we’re trying to tip ...

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Tips On Saving Tax All-Round the Year

save on tax

As we approach the first quarter of the year, we, the professionals and the entrepreneurs, are more concerned about the income taxes than any other thing in the world once we are through the festive season. During this time of ...

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