Trying to keep yourself and your community healthy while shopping often involves a lot of precaution. Using hand sanitizer to kill germs on the skin is an effective way to stay safe. You can also use disinfectant or sanitizing wipes to clean your cart handles.

Knowing some easy and quick ways to get the essentials you need without extra hassle can help you stay safe.

Minimize Your Time

Ordering groceries to your house is one way to get your necessities, but that may not always be possible every time you need to get food. By making a strict list of what you need, you can keep yourself and anyone else you are shopping with on track and avoid wasting time wandering around a store. Writing certain items in different colors is one easy way to differentiate between necessary food items and items you may buy only if you want to.

Check Your Wheels

Parts of the cart you do not often touch, such as the casters, do not need to be sanitized. However, they may not work well due to dirt buildup from rolling around various floors and outside areas. If your cart appears to not work right or is not rolling correctly, asking someone to fix the wheels can allow you to have a less frustrating shopping experience.

Note the Grime

The first items you should note while in the store are the state of the cart, the bags and anything you may touch. Noticeable smudges, clear indications of dirt or unidentifiable substances are some signs that you need extra wipes or to sanitize more. Even in situations where no dirt is visible, it still is important to use cleaning wipes or sanitizer.

Pay Attention to Your Reusable Bags

Although many people choose to use plastic disposable bags, those who choose reusable storage containers also should take special care to clean their bags properly. Washing your hands and keeping track of where you place the bags are two ways to prevent any further spreading of germs.

Ask for Advice

Being direct can help you navigate any tough situations while dealing with new grocery store etiquette. Often, store managers or other employees have specific ways of directing customers around a store. Following any signs or verbal instructions is one way to show cooperation and make your trip out less stressful.

Remember to Relax

When dealing with tough situations, most people’s first instinct is usually to panic and further complicate the issue. However, taking precautionary steps can help you stay safe and healthy, which means you should not worry unduly once you sanitize and follow any rules. Once you have followed proper instructions, proceed with your normal shopping trip.

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