I have recently shifted to a small home for some obvious reasons and after a couple of years, I’m glad to say I took the right decision. Yes, I had to do a lot of adjustment as I had always lived in a spacious three-storied house. It took me a few months to adjust myself to a 1000 sq-ft flat that accommodates only two bedrooms, one open-kitchen cum dining room, two bathrooms, a veranda and a small study room.

I want to share some obvious advantages of owning a smaller home that most of you like to ditch in favor of a bigger space as soon as you get promotion and start earning a handsome package.

Low bill on utilities

We had to incur almost a fortune on our energy bill every month and it was expected as all of you know lighting up a larger home always pinches wallet. Since our shifting, we have found a considerable reduction on our utility bill. You will agree to me that it costs more for heating or cooling a larger home during summer and winter time. We have no big chandelier or ceiling light in our flat and our electricity consumption has dropped down significantly. And we also save a goodly sum on water used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Saving on home decoration

Well, that is never to say I like things to be in great disorder. In fact, I am very particular to keep things in the right place and so much finical about home decoration that my husband often complains that I pay less attention to him! The advantage of converting a smaller home into a well-decorated one is I didn’t have to buy a lot of things. I bought a few inexpensive show pieces, more colorful cushions and curtains and that were enough.

There is no question of squandering money on expensive furniture, electronic appliances, knick-knacks etc to fill every corner and inch. A smaller room will force you to make a list of your priorities for home decoration instead of pushing you into impulsive purchase.

Easy cleaning

Just do a simple math. If sweeping a mopping and larger room takes 20 minutes, how long will it take to clean an apartment having 8-10 rooms? Cleaning a smaller flat takes up less amount of time and what is more, you can do it on your own.

Downsizing expenses on staff payment

I appointed 10 staffs at my old apartment to do all types of housekeeping and gardening works. So you can easily assume that I had to part my ways with a heavy sum to pay them. As both of us are working professionals, so it was not possible to take care of such a larger apartment on our own. After shifting, we do most of the work ourselves, thus saving a lot on payment to staff. After we have been able to free up a good space on staff payment, we now use the surplus on our travelling and off course, to inflate our saving.

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