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How to Save Costs on Clothing?

Save Costs on Clothing

Clothing is one of the three basic necessitates for human being, other two being food and shelter. It is easier to control yourself when it comes to clothes for your baby. However, when it comes to cutting expenses on your own clothes, things are different and difficult as well. This is because; many of the buyers are driven by the habit of impulsive purchase while buying clothes and accessories for themselves. What catches eyes, they tend to pick up and it just adds to unnecessary expenses categorized under ‘Miscellaneous’ head.

Save Costs on Clothing

According to financial gurus, the simple mantra to save money on wardrobe addition is to spend only five percent of one’s monthly income on clothing. That means, if you earn $5000, you can spend $250 for clothing. But if you ask me, I will say that it’s too much for wardrobe addition. Here is my take on how to save expenses on clothing.

Don’t visit factory outlet stores

Shopaholics go crazy over shopping from the factory outlets. However, I consider it stupid and insensible. Surprised? These factory outlets, even if they are associated with the big names in the industry, offer poor quality material. It is better to visit cheap clothing store for a purchase. At least, you will get something that justifies your spending.

Avoid discounted sales

Have you ever noticed the mad rush when there are season for sales? People go crazy to get things at discounted prices. They spend an entire day for shopping and come back with bagfuls of clothes bought on heavy discounts. That adds to their wardrobe n but drains out pockets.

Reality is, these discount-laced items will not be a good embellishment for your collections as most of them are of inferior quality or from old stock. Even some are likely to have defects and come with rebates because the shop owners want to clear their stocks. It is better to have 40-50 clothes that you will wear often instead of having more than 300 that you will use seldom or are unlikely to use at all. If your closet is simple, it will be easier to manage and a lot of your time will be saved.

Going on a shopping spree will not save your wallet. Such discounts are offered several times a year and particularly on the eve of occasions. Avoid these as much as possible.

Choose often-worn quality items

I did not mind spending $250 on jeans plus coat a couple of years ago. However, I used to slip into them once in a blue moon. As I am a regular office-goer, I have switched to less pricey but better quality alternatives that I can use more frequently. These days, I buy a number of $20 shirts to team up with two or three jeans and that works fine for my regular needs. For that much, you can get something to flatter your look. What is more, you will feel comfortable as well.

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