I am a big sports lover. Whenever I get time, I slump on a sofa, switch on TV, turn to my favorite sports channel and then watch whatever is going on. I love a lot of sports and keep myself updated with the latest events and achievements of the players.

Like most of you, some of my cherished moments are associated with sporting events. During my heydays, I used to be a regular at the stadium to watch my favorite soccer team playing. Now I can hardly manage time to attend events in person. Skyrocketing ticket price coupled with insanely high cost for parking and concessions also make it difficult for many like me to watch live action from a close quarter.

However, there are some most excellent ways to enjoys thrilling sporting events without having to pay through nose.

I have recently shifted to Rochester. The state has no suburbs and population strength of 100, 000. Let me show you some wonderful examples of how one with even low income roof can enjoy sports events at a low budget.


RCTC: It stands for Rochester Community and Technical College Yellow Jackets. It has long been an attraction for community college football and will give you real fun. And what is more, tickets are available at only $7.

Check with a local community college or university to know their game schedule. A live event is always funnier than watching it on TV. Attending an event will be an exciting outing for you.


Rochester Honkers: It will cost you only $7 to book a seat in the house. As a bonus, you don’t have to pay for parking. Expect to be entertained in between innings. And there is no way to forget promotions like “beer batter” that will lead to a significant reduction in prices of beer for an inning.

Check with the local basketball team to learn if any special promotion is on offer or if you will be granted permission to park a little away so that it can save some money on parking.


Rochester Ice Hawks: College kids and local athletes lock horns and you can watch the thrilling fight by just pocketing out $9.

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