Measles is one of the biggest medial issues right at the moment. Prodded by curiosity, I took out medical records of my family to find out who was not given measles vaccine. I also resorted to internet to research on measles vaccine and let me present what I gathered:

Cost-Free Measles Vaccination

My husband seemed to be most enthusiastic of us in finding out old records. However, he had a transferable job and so he found it very difficult to locate the records. He covered almost every hospital in the city but failed to find out his medical records. I was not surprised after learning that most of the hospitals destroy records of a person if he/she does not visit them for a decade. Finally he surrendered and started thinking about what he could do next.

he visited our family physician who told there is a blood test to determine if he was immunized or not. But before deciding, we asked how much we would have to pay and if it is covered in her insurance policy.

Consider your requirements

When he asked my opinion about what to do, I took some time and enquired if one could get vaccination even if he/she had one as a child. Unfortunately the physicians I asked the question had no answer.

They recommended talking to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to get the answer. I turned to internet and found that CDC suggests further vaccination if you are not sure about if you were vaccinated or not.

I informed my husband and told him to decide if he wants to visit the local health clinic center for the vaccine. He sounded out an affirmative answer and it cost us nothing. Measles vaccination was under preventive medicine and that is fully covered in our medical insurance.

Important Medical Lessons

Know your medical records: People hardly think about it during their heydays. But it is extremely important as we have learned from our personal experience. Also make sure to get your medical history and details transferred to your family physician. If you don’t enquire about them or collect the same for a long time, it may be destroyed.

Doctors don’t care about saving your money:

You must not expect your doctor to consider your financial capability. Their main focus is to treat their patients. They will suggest you to undergo the medical tests but that could cost you a fortune.

In our case, it took a little legwork and paperwork as well to solve our husband’s measles mystery and misery. But that effort helped us learn a few lessons which will hopefully be of great use for us in future.

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