Hiring professionals to help with marketing and content is a smart move. However, there are many companies that use marketing buzzwords and other advertising jargon that doesn’t make much sense to anyone but other industry pros. This is problematic for your customers, as they aren’t going to understand what’s being said, what it means, or why it is important. If you want to ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure you avoid some of the buzzwords and marketing phrases that are mentioned here.

Disruption and a Disruptor

There is a lot of information out there that says new innovations, services, or something else is going to “disrupt” your industry. While it sounds a bit intimidating, it really just means that it is time to shake things up and get some new and fresh ideas to stand out. While this isn’t all bad, disruption isn’t always something that people are striving for. Use this word sparingly.

Pivot to Video

You may hear that it is crucial for your social media to pivot to video. You may wonder if this is a new dance trend – spoiler alert – it’s not. What it actually means is that you need to add more videos on your social media pages, particularly Facebook. There are some marketers who believe that people aren’t reading anything anymore.

Others believe that they can capitalize on ad revenue by inserting an ad in the middle of video content. While they may not be totally wrong, they aren’t completely right, either. The phrase “pivot to video” is one that is overused and over hyped.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by avoiding using the buzzwords and phrases listed here. Additional information about these buzz phrases and why they should be avoided can be found by taking a cue from Eyal Gutentag. Being informed is the best way to manage any marketing plan.

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