How Inflation Is Affecting Pensions

Affecting Pensions

Often when you think about retirement, inflation is not something that comes to mind. However, it can have a huge impact on your income when it comes to your retirement. Despite this, it is often overlooked when creating retirement plans. This article will explore exactly how inflation is affecting pensions. Understanding Inflation Inflation refers to … Read more

5 Tips for a Financially Secure Retirement

Financially Secure Retirement

Retirement should involve transitioning into a more relaxed lifestyle and enjoying the spoils of your hard work. That said, many people feel anxious about approaching the age of retirement and have concerns about how they are going to afford to live without an income. Preparation and planning are key to enjoying your golden years. Luckily, … Read more

How To Start Your Retirement Fund In Your 40’s

You’re a decade passed your thirties and now you’re 40. Some might call this age, “over the hill.” Now that you have gone over the hill you realize that retirement has been lurking out of sight at the bottom of the hill. You quickly panic realizing you have done nothing to prepare. Don’t fret! There … Read more

Planning For Healthcare Costs in Retirement

Want to retire today? Or 25 year from now? Either way, one major financial cost (and concern) in retirement is healthcare. Unexpected health costs could bankrupt your life of leisure or derail your retirement plans. With healthcare costs rising each year, along with the increased care you might need as you age, you can’t depend on lady … Read more

How to Protect Your Finances in Retirement

It doesn’t matter if you are still planning for retirement or if you haven’t needed to work for 10-years or more, the fact is that you need to protect your finances.  Ok, this is failure obvious to most people but as we live longer, more active lives the question often becomes how. Now for those … Read more

Money Matters As You Get Older

Whatever age you currently are, the way that you approach money makes a huge difference to how you live your life. It also affects those around you, and this aspect becomes truer and truer the older you get. Once you are starting to get to a certain age, it’s possible that you might start thinking … Read more

4 Retirement Expenses Nobody Thinks About

Retirement is something that millions of people start thinking about decades in advance. We start with a 401K or IRA account. Next comes the home and a few other tangible assets. We might even play around in the stock market a little. You’ve covered all the bases and set yourself up to live comfortably without … Read more