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What is Wealth Management?

Wealth Creation

The term wealth management causes some people to raise their eyebrows at the word wealth. For others, the term falls in line with the expectations of their money. Many see the word wealth and think that they have to be wealthy to manage their money. That is that the case.

The goal is to help people increase their wealth. Typically, these are people who already have a fairly high net worth. That does not mean if you have a lower net worth that you cannot manage it and make it grow. Wealth management includes protecting assets and minimizing financial risk.

Wealth Creation

A company like AOG Wealth Management digs deeper than selecting some investments for you. This is a more premium type of service that determines which services are going to meet your financial needs. A part of this does involve investments, but that is only a small piece of the puzzle.

CEO Fred Baerenz, for example, knows that everyone wants to have specialized attention. An experienced wealth manager looks beyond your financial status today to see how large it can grow. This includes estate and legal planning, retirement planning, and advice on philanthropy and giving back to your community. This management service is based completely around each individual client without any predetermined plans.

A wealth manager takes the time to understand each client. They want to hear about where you are today and where you want to be in five years. A wealth manager will come up with the best roadmap to get you there. They will understand your needs and concerns. This helps them mitigate the risk while pushing the boundaries where they can to ensure the best return on your investment. The more diversity you have in your desires and in your portfolio will allow you to manage your wealth best.

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