If we’re lucky, most of us go through life never needing an attorney. Unfortunately, sometimes, people run into problems only a lawyer can fix. Even when we know it’s necessary, starting the legal process Houston TX can still seem scary. As with many new experiences, however, the reality generally isn’t as bad as we imagine.

People Helping People

Pop culture paints lawyers with a bad brush. TV dramas show intimidating or arrogant attorneys routinely badgering witnesses during a trial, while squeezing every cent from their own clients. One could reasonably wonder how such treatment would be tolerated?

The reality is that lawyers are more likely to act aggressively toward one another than to anyone’s clients. In fact, the legal profession demands a high level of social skills, and most of its members chose the law out of empathy for their fellow citizens. The best lawyers are expert strategists, passionate advocates, and perceptive interrogators, which by default makes them excellent listeners.

But What About the Money?

We’ve all heard how costly legal fees can be. It’s true that attorneys tend to be well-compensated for their time, with the average rate around $250 per hour. That doesn’t mean they don’t recognize that regular folks have limited resources. Plenty of attorneys provide an initial consultation at little to no cost. If they’re willing to assist you, they’ll explain their hourly rates upfront, and presumably give you an estimate of how many hours they think your case will take.

Certain firms have a policy of not charging clients until and unless they win. If it’s particularly interesting, you might persuade an attorney to take your case for a reduced price, or even “pro bono”, which means for free.

Lawyers Work for Everyone

Another common media-driven misconception is that only guilty people ask for attorneys. Therefore, hiring a lawyer makes you look like a criminal. Actually, anyone whose freedom, finances, or good name is at stake should seek legal advice. Attorneys are the only ones with the practical skills to improve the situation.

Put another way, if your kitchen sink was broken, you wouldn’t take it apart yourself. You’d call a plumber to get the job done properly. This is why every legal professional, lawyer or otherwise, will usually discourage defendants from representing themselves in court.

We all hope to avoid issues that require a lawyer. However, if you do find yourself in legal trouble, attorneys are there to help you.

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