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Important Roles of the Minister of Finance

A minister of finance is a government official who oversees a state’s monetary and financial matters. The minister also develops the annual budget. They must deliver the annual budget speech to the nation. The following are some of the...

Cloud Computing Explained

Investing in The Cloud Stocks

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services, such as databases, servers, storage, networking, and analytics—over the internet. They are hosted remotely from a data center managed by a cloud services provider. Cloud computing provides users...

Security Brokers

All About Cloud Access Security Brokers

CASBs are cloud access security solutions that enable businesses to monitor, govern, and secure the usage of cloud applications. CASBs are also helpful in simplifying the regulatory landscape and protecting sensitive data from outside threats. The...

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Why Would You Invest In Crypto?

The growth of digital currencies has been remarkable. People buying bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH), through websites such as Altalix, is what has fueled the rise in cryptocurrency. There are many new investment products available in blockchain...

Mutual Funds

Understanding Taxes On Mutual Funds

All mutual fund houses sell their mutual funds by showcasing the past performance of their mutual funds and the potential returns these schemes are expected to enjoy. However, nobody talks about the taxation aspect. It is important to understand the...

Benefits Of Online Trading

Dealing With Negative Emotions When Trading

As you become a better trader, you will undoubtedly encounter losses that cause anger and frustration. These feelings are not only unpleasant but can also negatively affect your decision-making process. Traders need to develop methods of dealing...

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