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I love to receive valuable and information-rich personal finance guest posts from other finance bloggers and writers for my beloved readers.

However, there are many finance bloggers who have stumbled on my blog by chance or after a long time. I know, many of them will not read the blog while the rest will fly away only after voyaging through a few lines.

Any suggestion for the first type will fall on deaf ear. However, I have some words of wise for the second type. Please, don’t’ approach with ordinary piece of content. Even if you are writing on a common topic, I want the piece of write-up to be original and most importantly, it should contain some fresh and valuable information not to be found elsewhere.

If you have something in your mind, please contact me now.

I do believe that high quality guest blog posts are an impetus and inspiration for my readers to learn the tricks of how to manage finance more wisely in their daily life. You can reach me at tina/@/ with you guest article.

But before you send me the article please go through below mentioned guideline. 

We encourage new ideas through Guest Posts : If your idea for a personal finance guest post is not in line with our guest post submission, we will review it thoroughly. Only if it interests us and is thought to better quality of our blog, we will get in touch with you. However, if we don’t send an email within one week of receiving your idea, you may assume that we have no interest in it. You may send a different post again.


Take a hard look at the following guidelines in regards to all incoming guest posts :-

  • Anyone can post on my blog. He/she may be an avid reader of my blog or a blogger.
  • We only want to publish content that the world has never seen before!
  • Submission and publication are two different words and their meaning is also different. That means if you submit a post, it may/may not get published. Every post will be manually and minutely reviewed by the experts in my panel to assess if it is unique, informative and of great benefit for the readers. If your post ticks on all these boxes, it will be published.
  • Submitted finance guest posts in compliance with the guidelines as specified by us have a great chance to be published within 15 days of receive.
  • Every guest post should offer advice and ideas in relevance with smart  money saving, investment decision or the likes that in a word, could benefit our readers in a way or other.
  • We enjoy the right to edit any post (if deemed important) before publishing.
  • Unique finance content is what we prioritize. Your content must not have been published elsewhere – either online of offline.
  • All we need is facile flow in simple language that can be easily understood by even someone in his/her tenth standard.
  • I just want you to share my passion of helping others. So every piece of content penned by you must be devoid of promotional tone. “Check this product/service” or “visit this website” kind of thing will not be encouraged for free.
  • We enjoy the right to decide if your personal finance article is of personal or commercial type.
  • The finance guest posts of length between 2K words will be considered.
  • The finance guest posts based on personal experience will be appreciated and there is a slim chance of its getting rejected, provided it complies with other criteria.
  • Formatting like use of lists, bullets etc will be appreciated. However, I suggest that you should not overdo it. It is better if you write in short paragraphs as that enhances readability.
  • Email your post in a word/text document. You can fill the vacant space of email body with your post. We also accept the images if only these are relevant to your post.
  • You are allowed to place one or two links in the post. However, put only relevant and valid links in your content. Irreverent and non-working links will be removed from the posts without any notice.
  • Any commercial links in the article will cost you. You may ask for advertisement offer.

A short bio (within 50 words) of the author must be provided at the end of his/her post. It must not contain any affiliate or commercial link. Pomposity must be avoided.

Important: Once your article got live in my blog, you need to promote and share the url of the published article in all your social media profiles, failed to which I may delete your links.

We have the sole right over all the guest posts, once they are submitted.

Approval of guest posts

Once your personal finance guest post is approved, it will take us only one to two weeks to publish it on the blog. If it is accepted, we will notify you within one week of submission, citing the reasons for why it has been rejected. Two guest posts per week! So it may take more than a couple of weeks to get your post published following its submission and approval, depending on the number of posts in the pipeline.

I feel happy to say that I am always bombarded with request for guest blog posts. That has forced me to be more finical about quality as I have always wanted to be a stand out. Things that are fresh, fine, punchy and relevant to our day-to-day financial activities will have a strong chance of approval.