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While we receive numerous submissions, we are selective about the content we publish. We prioritize articles that offer fresh perspectives, valuable information, and practical advice on topics like smart money management, investment strategies, and financial decision-making etc..

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I do believe that high quality guest blog posts are an impetus and inspiration for my readers to learn the tricks of how to manage finance more wisely in their daily life. You can reach me at tina/@/ with you guest article.

But before you send me the article please go through below mentioned guideline. 

We encourage new ideas through Guest Posts : If your idea for a personal finance guest post is not in line with our guest post submission, we will review it thoroughly. Only if it interests us and is thought to better quality of our blog, we will get in touch with you. However, if we don’t send an email within one week of receiving your idea, you may assume that we have no interest in it. You may send a different post again.

Before submitting your guest post, carefully review the following guidelines:

  1. Open to all: Whether you’re a loyal reader or a fellow blogger, everyone is welcome to contribute.
  2. Originality is key: We seek content that breaks new ground and offers fresh insights.
  3. Submission ≠ Publication: Submitting a post doesn’t guarantee publication. Each submission undergoes rigorous review by our expert panel to ensure uniqueness, informativeness, and reader benefit.
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  6. Editorial discretion: We reserve the right to edit posts for clarity and relevance.
  7. Exclusive content: We prioritize unique finance content that hasn’t been published elsewhere.
  8. Clear communication: Use simple language that can be understood by readers of various backgrounds.
  9. Promotional-free: Avoid promotional tones; our focus is on providing valuable content without commercial bias.
  10. Commercial consideration: We reserve the right to determine if a post is of a personal or commercial nature.
  11. Ideal length: Guest posts should ideally be around 2,000 words to delve into topics thoroughly.
  12. Personal insights welcome: Posts based on personal experiences are appreciated, provided they meet other criteria.
  13. Formatting matters: Use lists and bullets judiciously, and opt for short paragraphs to enhance readability.
  14. Submission format: Send your post in a Word or text document, and feel free to include relevant images.
  15. Limited links: You may include one or two valid, relevant links in your post; irrelevant or non-working links will be removed.
  16. Commercial links policy: Any commercial links in the article shoul be informed before sending the article.

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Important: Once your article got live in my blog, you need to promote and share the url of the published article in all your social media profiles, failed to which I may delete your links.

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Approval of guest posts

Once your personal finance guest post is approved, it will take us only one to two weeks to publish it on the blog. If it is accepted, we will notify you within one week of submission, citing the reasons for why it has been rejected. Two guest posts per week! So it may take more than a couple of weeks to get your post published following its submission and approval, depending on the number of posts in the pipeline.

I feel happy to say that I am always bombarded with request for guest blog posts. That has forced me to be more finical about quality as I have always wanted to be a stand out. Things that are fresh, fine, punchy and relevant to our day-to-day financial activities will have a strong chance of approval.