I always get asked what my favorite personal finance blogs and sites are. So I created this page.

Here you will find the ultimate list of the best personal finance blogs online. This is a biggie for you and all the personal finance blogs and blogger  listed here are my all-time favorite. You can find blogs on the categories like Banking, Budgeting, Debt, Credit, Frugality, Investing, and Retirement etc..

I am always looking for the opportunities to grow this list of the blogs and help all to network and help each other. So I always welcome all new personal bloggers, who are serious on blogging and have a really good blog with high quality and unique content for readers.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback regarding suggesting a new site for the list, please contact me. The list is updated regularly so check back often to see the latest additions. Who know you may find featured here. We also accepts guest posts. Check the guest post guideline before you send your request.

Also, I’d love it if you could help spread the word about this list. The more feedback and suggestions I get, the more useful it will be for everyone in the personal finance community.

Note: Some blogs are excellent to guide your financial behavior and endeavor whereas some offer solid tips for the business professionals, especially the new ones. However, it is not easy to find out good blogs of some significant help.

Here the list of top personal finance blogs goes:

Get Rich Slowly – It tops the list of many bloggers like me. It has also been called as one of the best finance blogs by Time and Money magazines. Everyone wishes to become wealthy almost overnight and its creator J.D. Roth suggests we should have patience to accumulate wealth and become rich.He stresses on three important points: Setting financial goals, Spending less than earning, Paying oneself first.

Money Crashers – Two individuals in their twenties run this blog. It gives advice to people of different ages and in different financial conditions. It covers a wider variety of personal finance related topics including debt, credit card, investment, family, home and small business.

Wise Bread: The name sounds very interesting, isn’t it? “Living large on a small budget” is its famous catch-line. The posts are all about smart ways to deal with money. It covers a wider range of money-related topics and encourages the readers to save more by spending less.

Consumerism Commentary: Luke Landes, who is known by Flexo on this blog, has been offering insights into personal finance since 2003. He created the blog with an honest intention to hold himself responsible for every money-related decision that he/she takes. The blog covers different aspects of personal finance and offers reviews about financial products.

MoneyNing. David Ning created the blog. The guest bloggers on this site are learned and every post is well-written and well-researched. The posts are less about sharing personal experiences and more about offering deep understanding about personal finance from the writer’s point of view. This blog is just like gold mine, touching upon on every finance-related topic.

20Somethingfinance: G.E. Miller gives advice that will benefit individuals of any age group. His personal experience is interesting and extremely motivating. He made a drastic cut on his expenses and saves 85% of his earning. It’s a great blog if want to learn the smart ticks about how to spend less and save a lot.

Len Penzo dot Com: All posts are original, informative and pleasant-reading. The same advice is not repeated. The choice of title is too interesting to resist the temptation of going through the blog. For example, “What’s That Smell? The Costly Joys of Maintaining Older Cars”.

Budgets Are Sexy: The creator is present on the blog as J. Money, a pseudonym. He knows it better how to write about a subject like finance in a funny way while maintaining the grave tone throughout the write-up. He also puts everything in a very straightforward fashion. The name of the blog drops a hint how much it has for the readers. Pretty good advice he offers. It’s true that the figures shared through the blogs could raise suspicion but you cannot help but admit that the blogs take a different and funny approach towards solving your financial problems.

The Simply Dollar: I visit the blog on a regular basis and read the new entries. It shares wealth of smart tips on frugal living. Cutting on expenses is something to do with living a free life from the financial viewpoint. Trent Hamm, who maintains the blog, has also penned a book titled ‘365 Ways to Live Cheap’.

The Digerati Life: If you have any investment plan and want information for the purpose, this blog will be of great help. In addition, it also offers solid advice on personal finance. The editor of this blog goes by Silicon Valley Blogger. It offers several crucial tips for the self-employed persons and entrepreneurs.

Investment Hunting –  Nathan at Investment Hunting is a dividend stock investor and options trader. His goal is to retire on monthly dividend income and to leave his core assets behind to his family and charities.

DivHut – Keith is an early 40’s Internet entrepreneur who has launched several dot coms with varying success in each. Starting in 2007, he has became a dedicated dividend growth investor focusing on portfolios exclusively on dividend paying stocks while managing to grow an ever increasing passive income stream.

LogicalDollar – Anna Barker is a big advocate of the idea that financial freedom isn’t hard – it’s simply logical! And it’s on this basis that she runs her personal finance site, LogicalDollar, with the aim of helping as many people as possible secure their financial futures. This means that whether you’re interested in making more money or taking back control of your finances, there’s something here for you.

Cellphone Deal – This article provides a comprehensive guide on ways to save on your phone bill. From checking on your data use to considering on switching providers, you get all the tips you need to start getting things in order.

Do you want to extend the list of my selected best finance blogs? Leave your suggestions. Make sure to explain why you like the blogs and how they stand apart from the packs. Have you been benefited by reading them? If yes, please share your experience with us.

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