It was announced this week that the first new SeaWorld to open in over 30 years — and the first SeaWorld to open outside of Northern America — has nearly reached the halfway point in the construction process. It is estimated that over 40 percent of construction is complete, including a large amount of concrete and steelwork. This is a significant accomplishment, as COVID-19 has slowed down many international construction projects or put a halt to them completely. However, this project is on track for its estimated late 2022 opening. Here is more information about this park.

Where Construction Currently Stands

Currently, it is estimated that the park is a little over 40 percent completed. However, one of the things that makes this park unique is that it is both an indoor and outdoor park, with a large portion of the park being indoors. Unfortunately, this can make it hard to see precisely what construction changes are taking place and where they are happening. However, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi has made it clear that they are on track to open the park in late 2022, which has been the estimated goal all along.

Scott Ross, the Founder and Managing Partner of Hill Path Capital and the Chairman of SeaWorld Entertainment since 2019, commented on the new park. Ross said, “We are thrilled SeaWorld will be a part of this special place, which will further expand our vitally important marine life research, rescue, conservation and education efforts in the region.”

Why Investors Are Betting Big on This Park

Investors are betting big on Abu Dhabi SeaWorld for a number of reasons. First off, the location of this park is ideal. The park is being constructed on Yas Island, which is also home to major tourist destinations such as Ferrari World and Warner Bros. Park, and a large water park. Construction has started on a large tourist resort that will include a significant mall, seven hotels, a marina, a Grand Prix racetrack, and numerous eateries.

How Abu Dhabi SeaWorld Compares to North American Parks

The other reason why investors are betting big on Abu Dhabi SeaWorld is that the park shares many similarities to Northern American SeaWorld’s.  Like its counterparts in the United States, the new park will have less theme park rides. This allows the Abu Dhabi park to continue the tradition upheld by other SeaWorld parks, emphasizing the importance of protecting our environment, rescuing, healing, and releasing sea life, and helping endangered species.

Investors are betting big that SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will be a big draw based on its beautiful design, unique experiences, and family-friendly location along the bustling Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Check out current concept art to get a feel for what the project will look like and continue to follow along with the construction process to watch the project continue to take shape.

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