For many people, gold is the ultimate investment and things have been that way for hundreds of years. Even before the birth of the Gregorian calendar, gold was sought-after by many a people. A commodity that has been able to hold its intrinsic value across cultures and across time, gold is one of the best investments today. Now, gold can be bought in many different ways. The ways to buy gold is what we’re going to discuss here.

Today, there are several ways to buy gold including owning physical gold and stock investments. Now, physical gold could be in the shape of jewellery, gold coins or gold bars. When investing in gold bars, you should keep a close eye on the gold bar prices in relation to the price of the U.S dollar. The prices of gold will inevitable rise when the price of the dollar falls. Gold has and will always be the ultimate investment.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s take a look at the different ways to buy gold.


The first and easiest way to buy gold is buying jewellery made from gold. Easy to buy, gold jewellery can be bought from any reputed local jeweller. Flaunt your gold jewellery during the good days and when the bad days come, sell it off to meet your needs.

Gold Coins

If you want to own physical gold that you can keep at home, then buying gold coins would be a good idea. Ideal for small-scale investors, gold coins can be bought from a bank or an authorised bullion dealer.

Gold Bars

In addition to buying gold coins, another way of owing physical gold is investing/buying gold bars. You can buy both the big sized-bars kept at banks and the small bars that you can keep in a safe deposit box or hold in your hand. You can buy gold bars from a gold dealer who will deliver the gold to your address.

Gold Certificates

Are you worried about theft? If yes, then a good thing to do would be buying gold certificates. By buying gold certificates, you will be able to hold gold without the risk of it being stolen.


A high-volume investment, gold ETFs or exchange-traded gold funds are gold-assets that can be traded on an exchange like a stock. Buying gold ETFs is a good way option for you if you already have a brokerage account set up.

Gold Futures

With this option, you can buy a predetermined amount of gold at a set price from a futures dealer. If things go your way, you could make a massive profit on the gold-assets you hold in futures.


The final way to buy gold is e-gold. With this option, you can buy virtual gold that can be converted into physical gold in the future.

There you have it—the seven different ways to buy gold. Using the aforementioned-information, you can decide how you want to buy gold.

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