Time and tide wait for no man. While you don’t have to worry about the ocean’s ebb and flow when it comes to your finances, you have to take into account the ticking of the clock. Bills have hard due dates that come with harsh penalties if you miss them, even if you’re a celebrity like Mariah Carey who, when she isn’t in the news about showing up late to concerts and lip synching badly, is known to have money troubles of her own.

Whether or not you’re an international star, if you expect to avoid overdue charges, accrued interest, damage to your credit, you have to make your payments on time. But sometimes you’ll find yourself just shy of the amount you need before the big day, in which case you need to consider your source of loan properly. When time is of the essence, a direct lender is the fast-access to cash you need.

Simplifying Your Borrowing Experience Accelerates it, Too

Whereas traditional lenders follow extended application processes and perform extensive financial reviews, direct lenders have streamlined the typical lending experience. By comparison, their procedures are much more straightforward and convenient. They do most of their business online, including the initial application. As long as you have access to the Internet and a willingness to share your basic contact and financial information, you can fill out a form and see if you qualify. There’s no need of in-person meetings with an advisor, which means you don’t have to take time off of work in order to apply.

If you qualify and get approved, they’ll use the bank account you supplied in your initial application to direct deposit your approved loan. For the most part, this happens within one business day, but there are opportunities for same day financing depending on your profile and where you live. But first, they’ll quickly verify the information you supplied by giving you a call, once again eliminating the need of attending a meeting and losing out on pay in order to get your cash advance.

Direct Lenders Offer a Variety of Solutions

Depending on your needs and where you live, a direct lender can connect with as much as a $1,000 advance or credit with varying repayment terms. To see what you may qualify for, you’ll need to learn more about direct lenders online. In some cases, like the financiers at MoneyKey, direct lenders are also Credit Access Businesses (CABs) and Credit Services Organizations (CSOs). This allows them to facilitate installment loans with extended repayment terms on your behalf.

Whether you can apply for a small dollar cash advance, an installment loan, or a personal line of credit will depend on where you live, as each state has enacted laws regulating the financial products available within their borders. Make sure your direct lender, CAB, or CSO has the appropriate license from the state to ensure the products they offer are in accordance with these laws, as the state will only ever award licenses to those companies that follow their regulations.

Checking their accreditation is just one of the ways you can pick the right lender. Taking the time to learn about their rates, terms, and conditions can also help you determine if you’ve found the direct lender for you. Once you do, you won’t have to worry about time marching on without you. You’ll have a fast-acting loan to cover your bills just in the nick of time — which means you can avoid the consequences of paying late.

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