Under Insured Can Cost You in Fines: 3 Steps to Ensuring You Have Proper Coverage for Your State

When it comes to having auto insurance, a surprising number of American drivers chose to play Russian roulette. They drive without insurance and hope they do not get caught. Even though forty-eight states require auto insurance, 13 percent of American drivers are completely uninsured. The figure is much higher in many states. Moreover, most state’s … Read more

Tips on Cutting the Cost of Your Auto Insurance

Are you actively searching for ways to save money wherever you can? Have you taken a look at your automobile insurance lately? If you have not given it any thought, now might be a good time to look into what you can do to save yourself some money when it comes to your auto insurance. … Read more

Key Auto Insurance Tips that Every Car Buyer Should Know

Do you have your car insured? If you do, are you paying the right amount of insurance premium? Insurance companies consider a number of factors when they decide how much their customers will pay every month. These factors include age, profession, yearly income, accident record, marital status, and many more factors. When auto owners search … Read more