Understanding The Value Of Time In Intraday Trading

Intraday Trading

The one thing you cannot compromise on when investing in stocks is getting the timing right. Especially when we are talking about intraday trading, making the trade at the right timing is all that matters to know whether you are doing a loss or a profit. Read on to know more about intraday trading and … Read more

Dealing With Negative Emotions When Trading

Negative Emotions Trading

As you become a better trader, you will undoubtedly encounter losses that cause anger and frustration. These feelings are not only unpleasant but can also negatively affect your decision-making process. Traders need to develop methods of dealing with these negative emotions when they occur or risk ‘blowing up’ their accounts within the first few months … Read more

Similarities and Differences Between Crypto and Forex Online

Crypto and Forex Online

The cryptocurrency market has become famous over the last few years. For experienced traders, crypto and forex could not be more different. However, for a beginner who wants to enter the financial market and does not know what these asset classes stand for, this world of information could not be any more unfamiliar. This is … Read more

Pervasive Difficulties of Forex Trading Profession

Forex trading is a popular profession amongst investors all over the world. Every single person involved in this industry should learn the basic elements of it to be successful. They should keep their losses to a minimum and make some effective plans for future actions. Most probably, investors are involved in this profession due to … Read more

Expert’s Tips to Improve your Trading Skills

The new traders are always in tension because they cannot be able to take the load of the pressure. In the initial stage, they face more pressure because they are not aware of the market conditions. Every incident becomes new to them. So, the fresher requires to get some guidelines from the professionals so that … Read more

How to Develop a Forex Trading Plan?

It is possible to have a few lucky successful trades in the Forex market. For a beginner, the Forex market can seem complicated and scary. After you have acquainted yourself with the basics of the Forex market, it is time to start trading. If you have not yet learned the basics, CAPEX.com Global Forex Brokers … Read more

Make Some Extra Cash While Quarantined by Trading from Home

If you lost income due to the COVID-19 pandemic and you weren’t able to make that one-time $1,200 stimulus check stretch – you’re probably looking for ways to make some extra cash. The usual “side hustles” like driving Uber or selling extra stuff isn’t profitable or safe in our era of social distancing, so you’re … Read more

4 Major Mistakes to Avoid as a Currency Trader

It’s a dream for many people to become successful trader, but to become a successful trader one should maintain discipline, consistency and emotional intelligence. Although many people dream of being a successful trader, in reality, most people end up being unprofitable because of their mistakes. You can’t expect to be a profitable trader on your … Read more