Newport Beach in California is considered an exclusive place to live because it is ranked number 10 out of 273 cities across America with regards to its cost of living. For this exclusivity, you get privacy, luxury, and a tidy neighbourhood where everyone agrees. On top of this, views to admire, entertainment and water sports to enjoy, and somewhere you would want your children to be educated.

If you visit, then you can find out more about buying real estate in Newport Beach and more details about what is only briefly mentioned in this article. We shall explore here the main reasons why Newport Beach would make a great choice in terms of a place to live, work, and be educated.

The View

Every room should have a view. By a view, I mean one worth looking at because it is picturesque and either pleases the eye or takes us to another place entirely. In the case of Newport Beach, there is a wonderful boat-filled harbour to enjoy looking at. It is not just nautical but nice in terms of a view. The Balboa Peninsula does not just have one pier but two. That is the Beach Pier and the Balboa Pier. So, there is the possibility to view the idyllic waters from your home here, should you decide to purchase one,or make your way to the pier to further enjoy their natural beauty closer up.

The Entertainment and Relaxation

Nobody wants to move somewhere where little happens. Entertainment not only entertains us but also brings in income for residents of an area. It is a “no lose” situation to have it nearby. In Newport Beach, there is the Balboa Fun Zone to enjoy and an amusement park that can be considered old-school with its Ferris wheel and the ocean views that can be seen from it.

For relaxation, you can rely on more than one beach. The Wedge is notorious for its big waves. Also, there is Corona del Mar State Beach. It is good to have more than one beach to choose from, as this allows you to see a different view and experience different activities.

Many will consider discovering history a combination of entertainment and relaxation because it is something that they enjoy doing. A museum will always please the mind and sight and enhance local education. The Orange County Museum of Art satisfies in this respect by displaying both modern and contemporary art on its walls. Visiting it is all part of the local culture, which you can enjoy as a resident of Newport Beach.

There is some history behind why Newport Beach was given its name. It was after the main landowners of the area, the McFadden brothers along with James Irvine mused about a “new port” on their Dunnells’ trip. The name stuck.

The nightlife in Newport Beach is something to be enjoyed, too. If we work during the day, then night-time is our entertainment more often than not.

Boating and Surfing

Boating and surfing deserve a separate heading in the case of Newport Beach. There are all types of water recreation to be enjoyed here. The surfing at Newport Beach is considered to be world-class. So, if surfing is your thing, you will want to head to Newport Beach, not as a tourist, but to remain there as a resident. Then you can enjoy a lot more surfing and make it a way of life, not just a hobby that you are involved in on holidays and the odd weekend.

Education and The Economy at Newport Beach

Highly rated schools with private options mean that Newport Beach is a wonderful place to bring up children. Then, when educated, Newport Beach has an excellent economy for them to find a job and work in.

In terms of the number of schools, Newport Beach has 22 elementary, two intermediate, four high schools, an alternative education centre, and an adult education centre. So, plenty of choice, and ones of particular merit.

So, many reasons to set up a home at Newport Beach in California. For more details on the above, then you should follow the links and find out all that there is to know about this wonderful place in America. Whether you are already in America or elsewhere in the world, you will want to consider a move to Newport Beach and all that it has to offer those that invest here in terms of housing.

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