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Debt Management

One Step at a Time: Getting Out of Debt Gradually

Feeling like you’re saddled with more debt than you can handle tends to be stressful. The link between how people’s perception of their financial well-being affects their overall well-being has been researched and documented. It’s tough to feel...

Managing Your Debts Effectively

There comes a time in a lot of people’s lives when their debts get on top of them, and they feel like they are out of control. The one thing that you do not want to do is to try burying your head in the sand and hoping that they will go away, they...

peer to peer lending

Peer-to-Peer Lending Explained

Peer to peer lending is where an investor loans to an individual or business through an online service that matches lenders with borrowers. Another popular term for peer to peer lending is “crowdfunding”, which uses a digital platform to unite...