Asbestos exposure is something that should have been eliminated years ago but which still occasionally happens. When it does, it can cause many different diseases, all of which are debilitating. Some are even potentially or inevitably deadly. As a result, if you have been exposed to asbestos and are worried about your health, finding help is a critical step. Doing so will make it easier for you to choose the legal steps that you need.

Asbestos Causes Lung Damage

Once heavily used in building materials, asbestos is no longer used due to the damage that it causes to the lungs. As this damage spreads, it can trigger a variety of different diseases that are all painful and which can be deadly. Just a few of these potential conditions include the following:

  • Asbestosis – Asbestos exposure can cause scar tissue throughout the lungs that make it harder to breathe and which can worsen and become more long-term if not properly treated.
  • Pleural Disease – A non-cancerous disease that changes the membrane in the chest that surrounds many person’s organs. It becomes much thicker and breathing can become difficult.
  • Lung Cancer – Though asbestos exposure is not always enough to cause lung cancer, it may worsen a person’s condition or work with tobacco exposure to make it more damaging.

These diseases all cause great discomfort in a person’s life and can leave them gasping for air. Unfortunately, all three are typically hard to treat and may leave life-long damage in the lungs even if they are managed. However, no condition is as bad as mesothelioma – a cancer that has become more and more common, even with asbestos rarely used in any products on the market today.

Why Mesothelioma is So Destructive

The worst condition caused by asbestos is mesothelioma, a disease that was once unheard of and which is still relatively rare compared to many other cancers. However, an intense upswing in cases occurred decades after the debut of asbestos in home construction and general use. That’s because exposure to these fibers will potentially trigger this disease but typically after 20-60 years after initial exposure.

As a result, there was a generation of mesothelioma cases that often resulted in death, as this cancer was not well understood or easy to diagnose. Even now, treatment is touch-and-go and the survival rate is typically only around 7-8 percent. This cancer is so deadly because it appears in the membrane around the chest cavity and spreads to other organs throughout the body, like the heart and even the kidney.

Those with this condition should seriously consider reaching out to a lawyer who can provide them with the legal help needed to get compensation. Professional help will make this process go smoother by providing you with the assistance that you need to present your case. Typically, you need to prove that someone’s negligence triggered your tumors – such as the lack of proper asbestos removal in your home.

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