Employees often get overlooked within a business, because while they may do a lot, it tends to be the people higher up that get all of the credit. This is unfortunate, and unfair, and yet it happens in multiple different industries every single day. People look at the face of the business, the partners, the ambassadors, and all of the hardworking individuals go unseen and unnoticed. This needs to change, because if it weren’t for your employees, your business may never have reached the success that it has today. And let’s put it this way – if you didn’t really need them, you never would’ve hired them.

So, how do you give them more to not only show your appreciation, but aid them with tools to make their jobs a lot easier?

Keep your door open

The worst thing you can do is close your office door all day. This creates a barrier between you and your employees, and if you expect them to feel comfortable enough to air their thoughts around you, then you want to knock down that wall. Leave your door open and let everyone know that if they feel as though they need to talk about something, whether it be an office matter, tension between employees, or a personal issue – you’re all ears.

Give them more control

It can be very frustrating for your employees to do a job when they’re not able to access everything that they need, meaning they have to run things past you first. This not only wastes their time, but your time too. By implementing the likes of digital asset management, they will be able to have the access they need to manage documents, files, emails and more without any hassle or struggle.

Create exciting incentives

What better way to get your employees excited about work and meeting their set targets than by giving them a reason to go the extra mile. Giving incentives means that you are encouraging them to go further and work harder. There are many different ways you can do this, it all depends on the kind of team you have. You could bring in cake on a Friday afternoon for everyone to indulge in. Or hand out money vouchers for the employee of the week.

Thank them

It seems so simple, and yet it a mere thank you usually doesn’t happen enough. You may think it, but how often do you actually verbalise what you’re thinking to your employees. If you’re pleased with something they’ve done – tell them. But rather than just say ‘well done’, elaborate on why you’re so pleased. That little bit of attention to detail can mean a lot to your employees because they will feel seen, and that makes everything worthwhile.

Now you have some ideas, use them and show your team that you’re on their side of things. Employees can have a tough time, but as their leader, you are there to show them they never have to worry about a thing.

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