We all know that recycling is essential if we want to reduce the effects of climate change. Plus, with so much plastic in the world, landfills are over-flowing and our seas are filling with plastic, bringing danger to animals and our ecosystems.

However, what you might not realise about recycling is the fact that it can also save you money too. Which is wonderful news when many of us are trying to tighten our belts when it comes to spending.

So, in what ways  from KwikSweep that can recycling help us save money?

Recycling Reduces Manufacturing Costs

If you want to keep the costs of new products down, companies need to keep their manufacturing costs down too. Which is where recycling comes in, as by using recycled materials in their process, the manufacturing costs are kept down. For instance, looking at aluminium, recycling this metal takes 70% less energy than producing it from new. That’s not to mention the water and other materials needed to create that aluminium.

So, when companies can use recycled materials in their manufacturing process their costs will be kept down, which means that the end price will also be kept down saving you money. For this to happen, though, you will need to continue to recycle old metals and other materials as much as possible.

Zero Waste Stores Cut Out Packaging Costs

Zero waste stores are becoming more and more popular, with people being able to take glass jars or plastic containers that they already have to these stores to use for items like pasta and rice which have a lot of packaging. You’ll save money as you’re not paying for all that packaging.

Even better, most stores will sell reusable containers, so you can invest in that initial cost and then benefit from your savings every time you visit that store.

Old Furniture Looks New and Saves Money

Often, when we think of recycling, we think of reusing our packaging and things like that. However, recycling is also important when it comes to items like furniture and other household items. So, rather than sending old furniture to the landfill you could instead look to resell or upcycle your old belongings.

Just think, that wooden TV unit might not match your new grey living room décor, but with just a lick of paint it could. Which will save you a lot of money not needing to buy new. Or, if you really want something new, save on your costs by buying second-hand and selling your old furniture too.

The same sentiment goes for clothing too, as buying second-hand is cheaper and saves unwanted clothing from going to landfills.

Remember Organic Waste Too

Whether it’s egg shells, old fruit or vegetable peelings, we all have organic waste that goes in the bin. However, you can be using this waste more effectively to save you money – all you need is a compost bin! As, by putting organic waste in a compost bin, you’ll have your very own compost by next year, meaning you won’t need to buy compost from a garden centre.

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