An immigration lawyer is a lawyer who advises people on the types of immigration they need, whether for work, study, or family reunification. Immigration lawyers deal with a variety of issues in the legal profession and provide important guidance and advice to clients going through the immigration process. One of their common responsibilities is managing visa applications.

What does an immigration lawyer do?

Immigration lawyers have many responsibilities related to helping their clients with their immigration needs. Specialisations vary by workplace, but areas of specialization include:

Document Preparation:

Immigration lawyers help their clients in preparing and submitting the necessary documents to the immigration authorities. This may include visa applications, green card applications, work authorization documents, and asylum applications.

Representing Client:

Immigration lawyers may represent clients before immigration authorities and courts. They also attend interviews and events for their clients.

Defense Against Deportation:

If a client is facing deportation, an immigration attorney can offer a defense to avoid deportation or delay deportation long enough to pursue legal avenues to challenge it.

Appeals and Litigation:

Immigration lawyers can file appeals or take legal action on behalf of their clients to challenge adverse immigration decisions.

Citizenship and Naturalization:

Immigration lawyers can help clients achieve citizenship and naturalization by providing legal guidance. Some immigration lawyers specialize in issues related to citizenship and naturalization. These lawyers are also called citizen lawyers or naturalization lawyers.

Citizenship is the state of being a legal member of a country, which can be obtained by birth or naturalization while  Naturalization is a process by which a foreigner becomes a citizen of a country.

How much do immigration lawyers cost?

Once your lawyer determines the scope of the work and how he can help you, you will have to pay fees for those services. You may be charged an hourly rate or a party rate depending on your contract. Fees vary based on the lawyer and his experience and market.

While the costs may seem high at first, it is important to remember that getting a green card is a complex process, and hiring an immigration lawyer will not only help you move your case forward but will be necessary sometimes.

Consultation Fees

Many lawyers offer free or low-cost initial consultations. Meetings can be held in the office, but these days are held online or over the phone. The initial consultation will last between 30 to 60 minutes. This will help you assess your chances of success and give you confidence in your lawyer. For the lawyer, this is an opportunity to assess your situation and sell their services to you. It is common to find a first quote for less than $150. However, some lawyers choose to charge regular fees.

Legal Services Fees:

Here are some legal services fees:

Work Permit Application $300-600
Citizenship/Naturalization $500-1,500
Family Green Card Petition $800-3,000
Employment-Based Petition $1,500-5000
Asylum Application $1,000-6,000
Adjustment of Status Application $600-2,500
Deportation Defense $2,000-15,000

Pro Bono or Low-Cost Services

An option for people with little or no pay. Many licensed lawyers offer time for some people who cannot afford their fees. You can find these lawyers through the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network.

Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Some benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer include:

In-depth legal knowledge:

Immigration laws are complex and change frequently. Immigration lawyers provide the broad legal knowledge needed to interpret complex laws, regulations, and policy reforms. Expert advice on the latest legal developments will help you make informed decisions about your immigration journey.

Comprehensive process support:

The migration process involves complex procedures, strict documentation requirements, and tight deadlines. An immigration lawyer can be of great help in preparing and submitting applications and documents in an accurate and timely manner. This careful approach greatly reduces the risk of your application being rejected or delayed due to incorrect or missing information.

Protecting Your Interests:

Immigration lawyers adhere to the highest ethical standards and are committed to protecting your best interests. They protect your rights throughout the immigration process, advocate for fair treatment, and protect against abuse or violations of your rights.

Final Thoughts

Immigration lawyers are important for helping people with their immigration needs. They can assist with things like visa applications and defending against deportation. While the cost of hiring a lawyer can vary, their help is often very valuable in making sure your immigration process goes smoothly and your rights are protected.

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