Starting a home business can sound like a dream for some, but it’s far from easy. One of the main issues is being able to stay disciplined and treat it like a real business. In this case, the space in which you’ll be doing most of your work will be very important. Choosing a room that will make work easier by allowing you to concentrate while feeling comfortable and professional will help you a great deal. And, in some cases, you’re going to have to create it. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect space for your home office.

Make a Room Addition

If the main issue is space, then you should consider adding a room or converting one you have. Two great options are the garage or the attic, but you can also decide to build up or out. You have to make sure that you’ll keep the costs under control, however, and see how long it will take for the addition to pay for itself.

There are also details you can overlook when making room additions, like ventilation, heating, and air conditioning. Chances are your HVAC system was designed for your current home’s size and might not be able to handle an additional room.

In this case, a stand-alone PTAC unit could be a great option. You can find a refurbished PTAC unit at this link to make your home office more comfortable. These are just as good as new units and will allow you to save while making your environment more enjoyable.

Choose the Right Colors

You also have to pick the right colors. You want colors that will allow you to stay alert, grounded, and productive. Colors like orange and yellow will foster creativity and keep you sharp. Colors like green are soothing and favor concentration. Earth tones are also a great option if you want to feel as comfortable as possible.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

When choosing a room, you want to make sure that it’s away from noise and distractions. Another thing you should consider is how much sunlight the room gets. You want to get as much natural light as possible. Natural light is stimulating and will help you stay motivated. Not only that, but you won’t have to spend as much energy since you’ll be using fewer artificial lights.

Add Your Touch

Also, just because this is supposed to be a work area, doesn’t mean that you can’t make it look fun as well. Just look at the offices of places like Google, for instance. You can get playful and add design elements that will stand out, like decals on the walls, or even a mural representing your company. You could also decorate the area with photos or items from your childhood or things that inspire you.

If you follow these few tips, you should be able to build yourself a great home office in no time. Make sure that you remember why you’ll be using it and choose function over form.

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