Abuse of customer data has been a huge issue in the world of business lately, with big brands like Facebook being accused of selling user data without any kind of security measures in place. Following this, new GDPR laws have been put in place which require users to give permission for their data to be used and provides guidelines for businesses on how this data can be used. However, some basic customer data is essential for businesses to improve, and as long as it is used responsibly it allows them to tailor their communications and improve customer experience.


Before you begin using any of the customer data you collect, you need to sync the apps you use for the different element of your business, for example email apps, marketing apps and sales apps. This saves you spending hours on manual data entry, as any information you need will be accessible from any of the apps once they are synced. If you update any of the information, it will also be automatically updated on all apps that are synced.

Services like Piesync specialise in contact syncing, which as well as saving you a lot of time and allowing easy access to information, also ensure that your contacts are kept in better order, for example ensuring that there are no duplicate entries.

Automatic Marketing

One of the most beneficial things you can do with customer data is set up automatic marketing for your business. Automatic marketing controls itself; requiring no input from you and uses intelligent technology to source profitable customer information and create marketing materials from it. It then sends these out in bulk to the correct audiences, which it is also capable of identifying itself.

Automatic marketing is far more efficient than the manual alternative, as it is not only faster, but it also produces more accurate materials that are of a better quality. They are more tailored and personal towards the customer too, which will ensure a better connection with the customer.

Customer Needs

The collection of user data not only benefits you, but also benefits the customer. It allows you to build accurate customer profiles which you can then use to adjust the customer experience. Customer relationship management software has analytical tools which give you feedback on what has been successful or unsuccessful too, allowing you to put better systems in place.

As long as the apps you use for your business are properly synced so that information can be easily accessed and used by them at all times, the data you collect from your customers can be of significant value to your business. You can set up automatic marketing which searches through the information to find valuable elements, which can then be used to create marketing materials. You can also create customer profiles that allow you to tailor the customer experience, and analytics which let you see what has and hasn’t been successful in terms of lead generation and marketing efforts, so that you can make beneficial adjustments. Visit profinanceblog.com for more business tips like the five things you need to do when you start a new business.

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