Holidays, who doesn’t love them? Not only are those New York City Holiday Must-Sees & Dos amazing, but they give you stories to last a lifetime. Whether you’re going ziplining in Costa Rica or reading a book by the fire at a ski lodge, there are no rules. You do what you want because it’s your time. Alas, they can get pretty expensive though. Even those supposedly cheap road trips inevitably start adding up faster than you thought. So how exactly are you going to pay all of this off?

Get Another Job

Does it defeat the purpose to work more after you’ve spent a fortune to take some time off? Only you can really answer that. Another job may be your fastest way to pay off your holiday, and it’s certainly one of the more sure-fire options. And as you make coffee, stock books or take tickets at the movie theater, you can think about where you’ll go next with all the left-over cash. Unless you just decide to quit as soon as it’s paid off, that’s another option too.

Start Your Own Kickstarter

Sure, many Kickstarter campaigns are full of desperate people who need help just to survive. Or maybe they’re full of well-meaning entrepreneurs waiting to take the world by storm. Or perhaps they’re full of jerks like you who say that’s why they want the money, when really they’re just trying to finance their trip to Spain. Whether you choose to tell the truth or conceal it under vague language that makes it sound like you really need the financial help, commit yourself fully to raising money from friends, family and random strangers. And never apologize if you’re caught, because really, wasn’t that deluxe room worth risking your reputation?

Stop Spending Money

Do you really need to eat as much as you do? Does it have to be something besides rice and beans? Or maybe you can cut down on your costs if you just stopped that online shopping habit you’ve been meaning to kick. Recently caught for speeding? You can learn how to get a traffic ticket reduced. There are probably a million ways to save money everywhere you turn, and you don’t have to read a book about it either. Just be careful. Sometimes saving often makes people want to splurge…kind of like your diet gone bad. So, little treats are ok, whereas 6 new outfits are just overkill.

Barter Your Skills

Does your credit card company keep asking you to finally pay off the Ferrari you rented for your amazing holiday? Ask those people if they’d like to learn piano or how to speak Dutch instead of getting cold, hard cash. Your skills are valuable, and they can be used in place of real money! Your credit card company will likely respond in the affirmative that of course they’ve always wanted to learn how to tie a cherry knot with their tongue, but they’ve never had someone there to teach them. But now you’re here to change all that. Think of how many dreams you’ll be making a reality!

Sell Your Stuff

EBay isn’t just a place to bid a penny on those new Jimmy Choo shoes you’re dying for, it can also be a handy place to pick up some spare cash. So, if your attic is full of all kinds of things you never use (and you know that your kids are unlikely to want), then they may be better off going towards the fund that will eventually pay off the extra tour you took when you were in Hollywood.

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