Owning a car is a necessity for many in NY and NJ. The public transportation systems, while offering adequate routes, can prove to be a problem. You have to wait in chilly weather to use them. Other times, the subways and buses are packed to the brim. Being smothered like a sardine on the way to work is never enjoyable. Likewise, getting home smelling like the sweat of another is something you probably want to avoid, right?

Yet, you also know that car ownership can be quite costly. Insurance, parking and gasoline can all bust the budget of many a household. So, what can you do?

Read on to learn about the best ways to save money on your car expenses in NY and NJ.

Start a Carpool

Driving to work each day is probably why you are spending so much on your vehicle. The wear and tear can lead to maintenance problems. Also, you need to fill the tank with gasoline on a regular basis. Moreover, you increase your risk of getting into a costly auto accident.

The better way to handle the daily commute is to join a carpool. Share the costs of car ownership with others.

It is easy to find mates. Just check online or ask at the office. If your workplace is small, you might want to make inquires of workers in nearby offices too.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

NY and NJ make it easy for you to save on insurance. All you have to do is take a defensive driving course.

Upon completion of a NY state-approved course, you will receive a 10 percent mandatory auto insurance discount for three years. You also get a safe driver record and the removal of outstanding traffic tickets. No need to pay those expensive fines.

In NJ, you get a license point reduction and insurance discount too.

These savings make defensive driving school an extremely popular choice. Oh, yeah, you can now take the classes online.

Keep Teens on Your Auto Insurance Plan

A big mistake parents make is to buy their teen drivers separate insurance. They usually think that doing so is best because the teen has such a high-risk driver profile. Well, the opposite is true.

Sure, teens are considered higher risks. They are usually new to driving and the insurance companies know this. Also, teens are more likely to be influenced by their friends to do such things as drink and drive. So, insurance companies stick them with high policy rates.

To save on auto insurance, you should keep your teen on your own plan. This allows your established safety record to mitigate the high-risk profile of your new teen driver.

Use Preventive Maintenance

Like many people, you might try to avoid the auto mechanic shop. You go only when you must. This can be a big huge mistake.

Just as people need to visit their doctor for checkups now and then, you need to take your car into the shop for testing. The technicians can locate any potential sources of problems before they cause damage to your car.

In the end, you pay less than you would if your car had broken down. Any mechanic can tell you that it is always easier to prevent a problem than to fix it after the damage is done.

Start Saving Now

You can now start saving on your car expenses. The top NJ and NY defensive driving answers are only one touch away! Just use these ideas for success. The extra money will make you feel a lot better about life in NY and NJ.

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