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Keep Your Small Business Financially Healthy

Small Business Financially Healthy

What are you doing as a small business owner to keep your company chugging along financially?

For some individuals heading up small businesses, they rely on not only a savvy financial background to assist them, but also some commonsense.

As an example, having a rotating door of employees can be a buzz-killer (especially financially) for many smaller companies.

Small Business Financially Healthy

Unlike some of the bigger businesses where money may not be quite the issue, smaller ones are typically working with stricter budgets. Due to this, they can’t afford to keep hiring and training workers, only to see them head out less than a year or two later (see more below).

Another example would be wisely spending money on office supplies.

Sure, you’re going to need the basics (paper, pens etc.), but don’t spend an arm and a leg for them. The same holds true when it comes to things like computers, printers, phones etc.

There are deals available out there if you know where to look.

So, are you confident that you are doing everything possible to keep your small business financially healthy?

Are You Giving Your Employees Your Best?

When it comes to your employees, are you doing everything possible to keep them productive and of course happy?

As part of the happiness component, this means making sure you provide them with competitive salaries, a benefits plan that is more action than just talk, and of course a safe working environment.

In relation to the competitive salary, many smaller businesses are hamstrung on this front.

With that being the case, such companies will instead focus on group benefits.

In looking at group benefits for your team of employees, some of the reasons they’re important to your long-term financial stability include:

  • Bringing on quality workers – In today’s competitive workplace market, you want the best of the best. By offering a quality benefits program, you stand a much better chance of achieving just that;
  • Retaining quality workers – Depending on the industry, some employees literally have the pick of the crop in terms of job opportunities. As such, you want to do your best to get people who want to be with you for years to come, not just use you as a stepping stone along the way;
  • Keeping healthy workers – Finally, having healthy workers on your team is important for several reasons. First, you obviously need manpower to meet the needs of your customers. Secondly, healthy employees are not nearly as likely to be a danger to others in terms of spreading colds, the flu etc.

Properly Market Your Small Business

Another area where saving money can prove key is when it comes to your efforts of marketing your brand.

For instance, are you putting social media to use as much as possible to attract and retain customers?

If not, you should definitely work on more time and effort when it comes to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and even YouTube.

One of the great features of using social media is that it is in essence free.

Sure, you need someone (in some cases a team) to stay on top of your social efforts regularly, but the dividends can prove quite worth the time.

Lastly, be sure to engage consumers on your social sites on a regular basis.

Over time, you will find that many of your customers will ultimately turn out to be walking business cards for you (or in these instances online ones).

Keeping your small business financially healthy oftentimes revolves around the initiatives you put into hiring and retaining the best employees, along with being financially conscious.

Yes, it certainly takes time and effort, but the rewards can be so worth it when you reach your goals and then some.


  • I need to work on social media. Currently, I’m only on Twitter but need to fully utilize it to the best of it’s abilities!

    I also want to try Facebook and Pinterest. A lot of people have said Pinterest drives a lot of traffic for them. Has this been the case for you?

    Thanks for sharing your experience in this post. Have a good weekend 🙂


  • Great advice Tina!! One would be wise to take these tips seriously. For instance the focus on hiring and keeping good employees. One solid veteran who knows your business inside and out is worth more than 10 newbies who mean well and try hard. The guys that have been with you for years are the ones that make you 90% of your money. It is crucial that small business owners treat their top veterans like gold so that they have no reason to even consider a vague notion of working somewhere else.

    Also, social media can be a priceless marketing asset that generates a steady growing flow of new paying customers. It can also help strengthen customer loyalty and your business brand.

    I think online marketing as a whole is a great way for a small local business to outperform their competition and establish themselves as the local expert and go-to leader. There is a great resource that does a tremendous job at introducing internet advertising to business owners who don’t know where to start. You can find it @

    Again you did a great job, Tina. I am very impressed with your work here @

    I am actually a finance blogger as well. I write under the name “Young Finance Guy” on a Blogspot blog. I also write a lot about business and marketing. I personally feel like business should be a natural and frequent topic on a goof personal finance blog. Don’t you agree?


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