Currency rates fluctuate, so it is important to keep a regular check on them if you are looking to travel abroad. Also, if you are a business trading internationally. Investors will be affected by currency rates, too. Checking on accurate and up-to-date currency rates has been made easier by them being published online by financial institutions, banks, currency exchanges, and those involved in the travel industry. It is a bonus that we can view live currency rates so that we can keep a regular eye on currency rates to purchase our currency and make our deals at the right time. That is a time when the currency rates are in our favour concerning the country we are exchanging currency with. As a holidaymaker, it is useful to be able to buy things using cash or travelers’ cheques in the country that you are planning to visit. You do not always know where there will be a cash machine to withdraw money, and credit cards are not useable everywhere.


Those going on holiday will be keen to buy their currency abroad at just the right time. Not to leave it to just before going but to make the exchange while the currency rate is favourable to them. With real-time online currency checkers, a decision can be made instantly. With live currency rates, purchasers and providers of currency know exactly what the position is when the exchange is made so that nobody loses out at that moment in time by being out-of-date with their currency rate information. With online, it is always displayed. As a live rate in real-time, it is regularly updated and the live prices rather than outdated currency prices are viewable on screen.

A good tip as a holidaymaker can be not to exchange all your spending money at the same time. Then, you can even out the fluctuations in the exchange rate and not end up significantly worse off when rates mean that currency is more expensive to buy than it might otherwise have been. Timing is the key when exchanging currency.

Economists and Businesses

Economists will carefully study the currency exchange rates. This is because they determine a country’s level of economic health compared to the rest of the world. A higher-valued currency will mean that a country’s imports are less expensive but its exports more expensive. This means that currency rates determine how competitively a business can trade internationally. In other words, for businesses, there might be a right time to try and sell their goods abroad, and indeed a better time to buy, so that goods are bought at a competitive price which allows for a healthy profit margin.

Currency trading relies on an instant knowledge of exchange rates. It is real-time results that make it possible.


When you are an investor or trade shares, it is essential to keep a check on currency rates. These can impact your decision when it comes to buying or selling your shares. Timing is everything in share dealing, and to have real-time currency rates to hand online is a useful tool when it comes to successful trading on economic markets. No longer do we have to wait for the next day’s newspaper and just have a daily rate, we can have constant rates visible to us any time of the day or night that incorporate changes in currency rates as they happen.

A stronger economy is indicative of a strong currency. Confidence in the prospects of a country will rise in the eyes of the global investor when strong currency rates are seen. This means that investors will be more inclined to purchase assets in that currency. Higher currency rates will, after all, imply that there is a higher yield on assets, which will make them much more appealing to buy.

How Blockchains Could Change the World

In the past, computers were seen as just convenient machines that helped to speed up processes. It didn’t give any errors, calculations were incredibly quick and it was overall just a fantastic convenience for any business owner–but it wasn’t necessary. As time went more people adopted the use of computers, technology such as the internet grow and we found more uses for a global network that allowed our computers to communicate with each other.

More and more technologies were invented and improved in order to reach the stage we are at now–but what makes you think it stops there?

The trickling-down of technology

As consumers, we typically don’t get to play with new technologies until they’re well-researched and invested into by big companies. After all, companies are there to make money and they’re not going to pour money into something that might be a failure (at least, in most cases). One of the technologies that we’ve yet to see being used extensively is blockchain technology. However, we’re starting to see more and more practical applications of blockchain technology, but most people still don’t quite understand what it is.

Explaining blockchains in a simple way

Blockchains are essentially a decentralized consensus. This is actually the big invention that has everyone excited and it’s how BitCoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, can exist in the first place. If you want to learn more about BitCoin, we would recommend this article at to help you reach a better understanding. Let’s think of this in terms of transactions; in the real world, you can trade money with someone by going to your bank and performing a transaction. However, without the bank how would you perform this transaction? It would be impossible. You need to have an entity validate your transaction so you can trust that it worked, otherwise the bank could easily just take your money and run with it.

Blockchains are an attempt to solve that. Instead of there being a central system or business that governs transactions, everyone that is part of the blockchain has a copy of a synchronized transaction ledger that keeps track of everything. If a fraudulent transaction is attempted, it will be rejected. However, if the transaction is legitimate, every computer that is part of a blockchain will accept the transaction.

It sounds like a lot of technical nonsense, so here’s the short version: it’s the first time in history that two people can anonymously trust each other without a third party being involved.

Applications of blockchains

There is an increasing number of companies that are playing with blockchains in an attempt to utilize this technology efficiently. Here are just a couple of examples of where you’ll find blockchain technology now and how it can change the world

  • Real estate – A recent innovation in the real estate industry is blockchain cloud technology. Companies  are being given new and cheaper ways to invest in property. It also allows users to see and lease real estate assets and transfer assets with ease, security and peace of mind.
  • Financial sector – The financial sector is already making use of blockchain technology through BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies. There are many informative websites such as that detail just how cryptocurrencies and blockchains work and how they’re making a huge impact on the financial industry.
  • Security applications – There are also security applications for blockchain technology. A good example is how the data in a blockchain cannot be modified by a single entity. This guarantees that things such as your private information or identity are safe and verified by large blockchains that specialize in personal information. Nowadays, the internet is filled with identity-stealing scams and advertising companies want nothing more than to steal your precious information. This can get problematic especially considering how exposed we are on the internet. When you see articles like this one at it makes you wonder just how safe we really are. With blockchain technologies, we can start to take back the security we deserve.
  • The entertainment industry – The entertainment industry is rife with issues such as piracy and fraud. Thankfully, they can also make use of blockchain technology. Whether it’s paying royalties to artists in the music industry or distributing entertainment through the use of blockchain technology, there are many exciting opportunities that are just waiting to be discovered.

Blockchains are difficult to understand especially if you’re unfamiliar with how they work, the terms used and so on. However, they can be incredibly useful and they are an emerging technology that, much like the internet, will soon find its way into almost every industry that you can think of.

In summary, real-time, or live currency rates that are displayed online are of use to many people, from holidaymakers to businesspeople. It is important to know the rates whether a business is trading in goods or investing in shares. Investment portfolios will be affected by shares prices and so everyone concerned with an investment should know the latest currency rates.



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