France is a wonderful country to live in. Legendary cities and historical landmarks, the many attractions of the country’s widely varied regions, captivating rural areas, and unspoiled natural landscapes – Endless opportunities await exploration.

To take in the full flavor and variety France has to offer, there is no question that a long-term stay is ideal. A few people are lucky enough to land positions working in France, but of course this involves giving up some of the freedom required to enjoy French life. Perhaps better-positioned are travelers who can dive into the expat lifestyle or stay at home spouses who have a significant other working in France.

Folks like this can take advantage of the opportunity to work from home and make a decent income while preserving their free time and flexibility to keep up with family responsibilities. If you want to consider working from home, here are a few examples of readily available possibilities.

Virtual Assistant

Google “freelance job sites” and take a quick scan of the many online freelance work hubs that pop up. Upwork, Elance, Freelancer – These are just a few of the top contenders offering freelance illustration jobs . There are millions of jobs on these sites, nearly all of which can be performed on a remote, online basis. One of the most common and easy to qualify for is Virtual Assistant.

A virtual assistant does the work of a receptionist or secretary, but tasks are performed online rather than in the office. Answering and returning phone calls, keeping up with email, handling schedules, doing project management work, and preparing documents are a few of the typical tasks a VA might undertake. There are many possibilities with a wide variety of businesses and with some experience you can find some surprisingly well-paid positions.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Most companies now maintain a presence on the major social media platforms. They launch targeted marketing campaigns, handle customer communications, and strive to maintain a high, top-of-mind profile with their audience via social media outreach. This opens up opportunities for remote workers to manage companies’ social media accounts.

Most people will find this type of work to be much like managing their personal social media presence. Keeping business accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms up to date, monitoring customer reviews, and composing posts and longer items like blogs and articles are all part of the game. And the work can be done from wherever you want to lay your laptop and log in to the Internet.

Home-Based English Teacher

Most foreigners staying in France will be aware that teaching English to French students is a major occupational field. However, there are plenty of native English speakers in France, many are well-qualified, and positions are not that easy to come by particularly for those who may have responsibilities at home. In many ways, ESL teaching is a young person’s game, with odd and varying hours, far-flung locations, and inconsistent wages.

There is one way to get a job teaching English to French children while working from home – Become a host family. Learning English is very important for young French students, and many look for programs like the Daily English language and culture learning homestays in order to experience real life with a native English speaking family. Hosting students is fun, and you can even earn a TEFL teaching certification online. All while making a nice stable income and a very positive contribution to the lives of young people, including your own children.

Be a Digital Nomad

In today’s Internet-powered economy, it’s all the rage to break free of the 9-5 office lifestyle and become a digital nomad. That’s partly because the number of options for working from home has grown exponentially. It just takes a bit of creativity, some looking around online, basic computer skills, and you are set. So, if you are wondering how to connect with jobs in France that you can do from home, with minimal French language skills if necessary, begin by investigating the three possibilities presented above.

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