Most younger individuals do not have any pressing responsibilities; therefore, they may think that insurance is just wasting money. Many choose to spend money on physical items that provide instant satisfaction rather than on long-term goals. But the truth is that they later realize the significance of having an insurance plan at their younger age itself.

Therefore, what exactly is an insurance policy? And what is the finest term insurance plan in India for a 22-year-old? We’ll talk about it here!

Despite the fact that it differs from traditional insurance coverage, it is one of the greatest financial solutions for securing the future of your family members when you are not there.

What Is A Term Insurance Plan?

As the name suggests, term insurance is a kind of life insurance policy, which offers life cover for a certain period. In case if the policyholder passes away during the term, the nominee receives the sum assured. For this, the policy has to be active at the time of the policyholder’s death. Losing a family member is a difficult time for the family. The monetary benefit availed from a term insurance policy ensures that the family’s financial needs are covered for a while.

The benefits of a term insurance policy are not limited to the death benefits. Some firms offer cover for permanent or partial disability of the policyholder. The sum assured can be received as a lump sum or a combination of a lump-sum amount and a monthly amount.

Types Of Term Insurance Plans

Term insurance plans are simple and efficient insurance plans that are intended to provide coverage. These plans are then separated into segments with varying features to meet the diverse demands of the clients.

Increasing Term Plans

The policyholder can raise the insured on a yearly basis in this form of term plan. The plan’s premium stays constant during the period.

Decreasing Term Plans

You’ve likely figured it out by now. Decreasing term plans are indeed the inverse of growing term plans. As time passes, policyholders’ insurance needs to diminish as their monetary aims are met. As a result, they might cut the sum of the amount insured on a yearly basis. A decreasing term plan is particularly fit for a financial objective such as home ownership or any bank loan. Policyholders can reduce the money insured when the EMI amount falls over time.

Level Term Plans

This is the most fundamental sort of term insurance. The sum insured under the insurance remains unchanged in this plan. All gains are handed out to the policyholder’s beneficiary.

Return Of Premium Plans

This sort of strategy has maturity advantages. If the policyholder survives the term, the insurer recovers the premium as a maturity benefit.

Convertible Term Plans

Very handful of insurance providers enable their clients to change plans at any time throughout the term. For example, if a term insurance policyholder decides to move to a full insurance plan within five years, he or she may do so.

Riders On Term Plans

Several term insurance plans, as the policy name implies, include rider advantages. The policy includes perks like severe sickness coverage, accidental death coverage, and disability coverage. All of these functions may be had in a single policy by paying an extra charge.

Features Of Term Insurance Plan India

Tax Advantages: The money invested in a term insurance plan is tax-deductible under the Income Tax Act of 1961. Aside from that, the premium money charged for Severe Illness Benefits is tax-deductible.

Maturity: While most term insurance policies do not pay maturity benefits, those that do have an aggregate maturity age of 65-70 years. Some plans may have a longer maturity duration since some term insurance policies cover the insured for an entire life.

Age: The lowest age for purchasing a term insurance plan is 18 years, and the upper age cap is 65 years.

Term Period: The insurance term runs from 5 to 20 years, with some policyholders opting for long-term coverage.

Survival Benefits: Here’s where term insurance products shine. TROP plans provide survival benefits, which mean that the insurer will repay the payment if the insured lives to the end of the term. Specifically, insurance coverage with the option to save equals Term Return of Premium (TROP) plans. Though it is growing progressively attractive to investors, it is critical to recognize that the premium for TROPs is fairly substantial.

When a policyholder acquires a term insurance policy, he or she is not required to spend in an individual plan for rider coverage. Term insurance policies include a number of rider plans that may be obtained by paying an additional premium.

Why Should You Purchase A Term Insurance Policy At Your Young Age?

You are at your 22 age; you are youthful and easygoing right now, but your obligations will increase as you become older. That is a foregone conclusion. If you have kids, you will need to plan for their schooling, your pension, and the care of aged parents.

When you’re young, age works to your advantage in a variety of ways. Lower insurance expenses are associated with good health. A 20-year-old is substantially healthier than somebody twice his or her age and hence pays a smaller premium. Because their profession is on the rise, the higher revenue will make the premiums more reasonable. It is vital to remember that the premium does not grow with age and remains constant during the insurance term.

Here are some major reasons why you may need an insurance term plan at your younger age.

  • Tax-saving
  • Financial protection
  • Stress-free life
  • Higher age means lower premiums

The Best Life Insurance At Age Of 22

Term insurance plans are the most affordable type of life insurance, providing you with a large life cover for a low payment for a certain period of time. A term insurance plan protects the beneficiary financially if the life policyholder dies over the policy period.

In addition, term insurance plans will be the only life insurance plans that are designed to provide you with a large life cover at the age of 30 for a policy duration of 30 years, thereby safeguarding your family’s monetary requirements in your death.

Top Term Insurance Products To Consider In India:

  1. ABSLI Life Shield Plan
  2. ABSLI DigiShield Plan
  3. ABSLI Saral Jeevan Bima

To know more about the plans in detail, consider visiting the following link:


As we all know, insurance firms strongly suggest acquiring coverage as soon as feasible. There is sufficient study and data to demonstrate the advantages of purchasing at an early age. As the offerings are ideal for young insurance customers, one must be capable of choosing a plan from the finest term insurance plans. Here, Aditya Birla Term Insurance Plans can never be an exception. And there is no major process to be concerned about. Locate the company’s website and buy term coverage. Alternatively, a policyholder can request assistance online, and an assistant can walk them through the procedure.

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