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How to Qualify for Higher-Paid Jobs


When you’re looking to boost your finances, leave debt in your past, and create a stable and prosperous financial situation for you and your family, your planning begins with your wage. A higher wage can open doors to a new and more comfortable kind of lifestyle, as well as guaranteeing you some savings — a financial safety net that you can turn to in times of economic crisis.

With your income more important than ever before in the wake of the Coronavirus, here are some key tips to help you plan your applications for higher-paid jobs this fall.


Internships and Experience

Many companies are simply looking for a member of staff who they won’t have to exhaustively train, someone who will be able to hit the ground running when it comes to on boarding and learning the ropes. It’s in this sense that a little experience in a relevant role can really help your application shine through to HR departments and recruiters. The more you can prove that you know about your given industry, the better. And internships are one of the quickest, easiest ways to get this experience, as they’ retailored to the job you’re hoping to be offered.


Another path towards higher-paid jobs is through further education. A degree can help you stand above other applicants who haven’t been to college or university, while a further education graduate course — often taken for just a single year — can help you set yourself apart by gaining advanced skills in your discipline. We see this working across a range of sectors.

For instance, by taking an Associate in Science in Criminal Justice course, you won’t need to enter at the bottom rung of the policing ladder: you’ll already qualify for those higher-paid positions in the police department that’ll get you more cash, more experience, and better promotions in the future.

Hard Work

While there are shortcuts into better-paid jobs in your given field, there’s no substitute for the kind of hard work that catches the eye of employers and gives managers a reason to take note and consider promoting you. Meanwhile, if you’re working at the same time as you’re job-hunting, you’ll be able to use your hard work as leverage in your current company. This allows you to set up a meeting with your manager to discuss your role, and the salary you are searching for in a different firm. If you’ve proven yourself in your role, they’ll consider upping your wage to match your new expectations.


Finally, the importance of your personal contacts cannot be overstated: they’ll help link you up with job opportunities, open the door to interviews, and introduce you to their colleagues, from whom you’ll be able to learn a great deal about how to work in a different field and in a different company. Make sure you’re active on LinkedIn in order to show off your professional qualifications and build that contact book to see where certain networking opportunities might arise to benefit your career.

There you have it: four of the most important elements to achieving those higher salary bands in the latter half of this year.

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