As a consumer, it’s easy to assume that mobile apps are only something large corporations need to have. But as a small business owner, you should know that an app is an essential and valuable marketing tool for companies of all sizes. Sure, developing one requires a larger investment than, say, making a Facebook page or sending out a newsletter.

But this is one case where you get what you pay for. Mobile apps offer a unique type of value that no other marketing method can provide. They do so through a number of benefits that will help you learn more about your audience, capture their attention, expand your reach and create new avenues for growth in your business.

Still hesitant? Let’s take a look at some important reasons as to why your small business needs a mobile app.

Direct Marketing Channel

An app allows you to notify users about new products, special offers and other updates about your company. No other marketing channel is as direct. Your app is always present on your users’ home screens and you can send notifications (sparingly) straight to their lock screen – something the average American looks at 52 times per day.

Lower Development Costs

By reducing the required human input, automation and cross-platform tools have made app development a faster and subsequently more affordable process.

Coupled with an increasingly competitive market, businesses no longer need to shell out crippling amounts of capital to have an app developed. You can even adopt some of the solutions yourself. For instance, mobile testing tools can help you reduce the amount of time and effort spent on refining your app.

Improve Customer Relations

An app is a perfect way to effortlessly interact with your customers in real-time. You can offer a chat service, send out surveys or ask for feedback. These features are incredibly useful, especially if your audience is mostly made up of younger generations. Interaction between the customer and business is highly valued among Gen Z and millennials.

Obtain Valuable Insights

Of course, interacting with your audience doesn’t benefit them alone. The feedback you receive can help you identify which parts of your strategy are working and where to make improvements. This can help you formulate a more effective game plan and make better decisions moving forward.

Increase Brand Loyalty

You can implement app-exclusive offers, rewards and loyalty programs to attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back. If you have a physical location, you can leverage location tracking to send users notifications for special offers when they’re nearby. You can also offer exclusive content on your app to provide value to your users.


In addition to the feedback you obtain from polls and surveys, you can use analytics software to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and their behaviors. This will help you develop a more effective app that drives sales and provides a satisfying customer experience.


These are all great reasons to invest in a mobile app. Your best bet would be to do it as soon as possible. Chances are that your competitors are already on the phone with a developer.

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